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6 Things to Look for in a Coaching Certification

If you’re pursuing a career as a coach, we believe it’s important—for your clients, yourself as a professional, and for your business—to become certified. In fact, we wrote a whole post about it!

As you explore the certification options available to you, then, how do you know which one to choose? Is one program better than another?

The short answer is: not all certification programs are created equal. There are certain elements and features you should look for in the program you choose, and we’re outlining six of them, right here!

  1. Choose a coach training program that’s approved by a coaching association.

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the go-to association—or the gold standard—in the coaching industry, and its approval carries some serious weight when it comes to coaching certifications. Clients who do their homework will likely seek coaches whose certification is ICF-accredited. So that means you should do your homework, too! Be sure to research the programs you’re considering to make sure they’re ICF-approved. (Radiant Coaches Academy offers ICF-accredited training.)

  1. Choose a coach training program that gives you foundational coaching training—not just niche or specialty training.

As you begin your coaching career, it’s critical that you develop the foundational coaching tools that will help you effectively support your clients as they pursue change. Those foundational tools are the same, no matter what your niche or specialty. (At Radiant Coaches Academy, we focus on holistic paradigms that bring harmony to all aspects of a client’s life.)

  1. Select coaching training that gives you real-world experience.

While some programs offer a lot of bells and whistles—fancy online platforms, celebrity endorsements, or a fast-track to certification—the best trainings include hands-on, real-life experience. (At Radiant Coaches Academy, for example, we include practical coaching experience in our training. Our students get to “coach” us, we coach them, and we guide them through what to do in various situations.)

  1. Find a certification program that fits your values.

You may be planning to coach from a certain worldview: perhaps a spiritual one. There are so many certification programs available that it’s possible to find one that ties closely with your own values as a coach and business owner. This will help you find ideal clients whose values align with yours. (At Radiant Coaches Academy, we place a strong emphasis on whole-life balance. It’s our goal to give you what you need to build a radiant life and coaching practice!)

  1. Choose a certification course that gives you some business training, too.

While coaching is a fast-growing industry, thanks in large part to the rise of the Internet, that also means you’ve got to market yourself once you’re certified and ready to hang out your shingle. Some certification programs will give you everything you need for the coaching side of your business, but they’ll leave you hanging when it comes to the business side. Be sure to find a program that includes at least some business-building components. (For example, Radiant Coaches Academy’s Holistic Coach certification program includes an entire module on branding and marketing, and we also give graduates their own websites at no cost to them, so they’re ready to launch their professional online presence immediately!)

  1. Make sure you’re learning from true professionals—people who have worked successfully as coaches.

As coach trainers ourselves, we’ve heard so many of our graduates say that the certification process was as much a journey of self-discovery as it was a professional education. And it should be! As you go through the process of becoming a coach, you’ll have to develop your own success habits, reach your own goals, and overcome your own limiting beliefs. So it only makes sense that you’d look for “teachers” who can best support and guide you during that process. (All of the coaches involved with Radiant Coaches Academy’s Holistic Coach certification program are certified themselves, and each one has a passion for guiding other coaches to build successful businesses!)

In conclusion …

You already know it’s important to earn your coaching certification … and now you know why. Not all certification programs offer you the same benefits. If you’re reading this, then we know you plan to give your clients the best possible coaching—and that starts with you finding the best possible coaching certification program for you.

If you’d like to learn more about the Holistic Coach certification program we offer at Radiant Coaches Academy, go here.

Ready to take the next step in your coaching journey? Whether you’re interested in becoming a certified life coach, exploring holistic coaching, or specializing in health and wellness coaching, we have the right program for you. Check out our ICF accredited programs to become a certified coach in various niches such as business coaching and life coaching. Start your path to success today!



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