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A Day in the Life of a Coach: What It’s REALLY Like to Run a Coaching Business

A Day in the Life of a Coach

Although the coaching industry has boomed in the past several years, what it’s really like to be a coach—to run a coaching business—remains a bit mysterious. And while coaching certification programs tout this profession as one that provides freedom, flexibility, and great pay (what’s not to love?!), operating a successful coaching business requires focused action and business savvy, too.

That’s why, in this article, we’re covering what it’s really like to be a coach: to give you a realistic picture of the day-to-day running of a coaching business.

What do coaches DO all day?

In general, a “full-time” coach will have three one-on-one appointments each weekday, and spend some time on marketing activities. The rest of the time is free time.

For most of the coaches at Radiant Coaches Academy, the day begins with yoga or meditation, or an exercise routine. Then, we meet with clients in the morning, have lunch, and do some marketing, public relations, and social media work in the early afternoon. This may include building webinars and creating (or being interviewed for) podcasts.

The late afternoons are ours! Whether we pick up our children from school, or simply work on other projects or enjoy our hobbies, we spend our time as we choose.

Coaches may include group coaching programs as a separate offering (which is a great income stream to add, by the way). A coach may offer online group programs on evenings or weekends, or in-person workshops/off-site retreats/summits regularly or occasionally. Or, a corporation may hire a coach to provide coaching/training for its employees, which may happen during lunch hour or regular working hours.

Because the back end of our business—invoicing, appointment-scheduling, and so on—is largely automated, we don’t have to spend much time on those details.

What about other, non-daily tasks?

In addition to the tasks we do each day, there are weekly, monthly, and even yearly tasks coaches must incorporate into their schedules. These may include networking lunches or dinners, speaking events, book signings, creating and running webinars, creating online course materials, and attending personal and professional development events. The frequency of these events depends on your schedule and desires, whether you enjoy them, and, of course, whether they help you reach your business goals.

Do coaches work in an office?

Most coaches have a home office where they complete tasks they do on the computer, or business-related phone calls. In general, though, many coaches spend only a fraction of their working time in an office. They meet their clients at the clients’ office, a shared workspace, or at a coffee shop, restaurant, or even the library. And, thanks to streaming technology, many coaches meet with clients via mobile devices while they’re on the go.

Is every day different?

Every day, the activities can be diverse. One day, the schedule might include coaching clients and going to a networking lunch, while the next might include connecting on social media and working on a new course or program. All of this can happen from wherever you want it to: your home, your home office, on the road, or at your favorite coffee shop!

It’s always exhilarating to help people create transformation in their lives!

What if a coach doesn’t love the idea of running a business?

If you want to make a great living as a coach, while still enjoying your freedom, then you’ve got to ensure all the business-related tasks are taken care of. But that doesn’t mean you have to do them yourself. To truly enjoy the occupation, it’s important to focus on the things you enjoy, and do the things you’re good at. For the rest, get help. Get an intern. Hire people to help you with the things that don’t serve you, or the tasks you just don’t enjoy doing.

One important thing to keep in mind …

Running a coaching business is just that—running a business. The flexibility and freedom come only from ensuring you’re doing all that you need to do to keep any business running smoothly.

In conclusion …

Coaches do have a lot of freedom to choose how they spend their time. But in order to run a coaching business successfully, they must ensure that in addition to coaching, they take care of all the business details, too, including marketing, social media, networking, and more.

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