Holistic Coach Certification + Credentialing Program

If you’re here, chances are you feel a deep desire to make a real difference in the world—to have a lasting impact, while living your purpose.

Some of the following may sound familiar:


You’re naturally empathetic and have often found yourself being a confident, encourager—a sounding board—for friends and family members.


You’re getting close to retirement, and you want to continue working, not only for the income, but also to keep busy and flex your “humanitarian muscles”!


You feel called to help people on a deep level, and you’re exploring your options to begin a new career (or to add powerful transformative tools to what you offer in your current profession).


You want to be part of a well-respected industry, without having to go to college or university.


You crave a career that allows you to stay home with your family, work flexible hours, and travel—while making a difference in the lives of others.

If any of these resonate with you, then you’re in exactly the right place!

Finding a career that checks all the important boxes—steady income, sense of fulfillment, making a difference, flexibility—is tough. Especially when you want to love your profession … to live a calling or fulfill a mission … rather than “get by” with a J-O-B that doesn’t fulfill you.

The good news is that there’s one profession that, when done right, has the potential to check ALL those boxes, and more.

All photos are Radiant students.

Unique Training Model

Our holistic program is different than any other coach training program. Here’s what sets us apart:

1. Anecdotal model of storytelling and experience sharing because research shows that people retain more information when they hear it in a story or as a real-life example.

2. Business and Marketing Strategies are implemented in the structure and curriculum to include crucial training of running a coaching business.

3. Plus, have the option to attend in-person retreats; or complete self-paced online training combined with optional daily, live zoom classes to allow students to go at their own speed and complete the training at their convenience.

Gamified Learning Platform

Our program offers training based on cutting-edge science and business education. We incorporate neuroscience-neuropsychology and quantum physics-metaphysics into our curriculum.

Trainees complete “missions” to earn points that move them toward higher levels. The online training platform, offers a highly interactive, experiential class setting where learning is both fun and effective.

See the work as it happens during genuine, emotional coaching sessions during real-time demonstrations, and get your questions answered at the end.

Unique offerings includes lessons on Family Constellations, Narrative Enneagram, Intuition Development and Trauma-Informed Care. 

From Dez Stephens, Master Trainer, Founder + CEO of Radiant Coaches Academy:

“I know from experience that coaching is even better than it sounds on paper. I became a coach because I care about people, and I wanted to immerse myself in an industry where I could flex my humanitarian muscles in a future-focused, positive way.”

“If you are contemplating going through this training program, please don’t hesitate to do so. If you are here, it must be for a reason. When I first came across this program, I felt deeply connected to the cause of helping others to live more holistic lives. In the process, I realized that I was in deep need of the incredible transformation that occurs during this training. The beauty is that you get to impact others with the overflow of all that you receive from Radiant Coaches Academy.”



“The in-person training provided by Radiant Coaches Academy was literally life-changing. I learned so much about myself and how the methods apply and benefit my clients. I have moved more confidently into coaching since being equipped with all the tools and resources RCA provides. I HIGHLY recommend ANY entrepreneur to attend the training, regardless of whether they coach or not. What you learn and take away from the experience will up level your life and business in a MASSIVE way.”




The art of active listening

Learn the different types of listening, and which is most effective as a tool in your coaching toolkit.


Boundaries and body language

Discover how to read your clients’ body language to dial in on what’s really going on, and how to discern when it’s time to refer a client out to a mental healthcare professional, so s/he can get the necessary help.


Coaching versus counseling

Ascertain what you need to know about the differences between these two modalities—and why it’s critical you don’t err on the side of counseling without a license!


Holistic paradigms

Understand the importance of addressing every part of a person’s life or business and why it benefits your clients, empowering them to improve their results.



The more you learn about yourself—and our trainees often rave about how much they develop personally and professionally—the more quickly you’ll progress as a coach and as a business owner.


Creating sacred spaces

Learn the art of setting up an energetic and/or physical safe place for you and your clients—and why it’s important for your clients and your practice.


Taking the client's lead

Discover why it’s crucial that you do not take the lead—and what to do instead, so your clients can find the answers they’re seeking.


Asking vs. telling

Learn why it’s important NOT to give your clients advice (no matter how tempting it is, at times!)—and what to do, instead, to bring forth your clients’ inner wisdom.


Goals and accountability

Gain a proven process for helping clients figure out what they truly want, and then, taking action to get there. (This is one of the most rewarding aspects of coaching!)


Authenticity and presence

Understand the role of authenticity in coaching—and why it’s essential if you want your clients to align with their deepest desires and truest selves.


Setting up a private practice

Find out what it takes to “set up shop” as a professional coach. Learn about insurance, liability, retainers, intakes, salaries, packages, outcalls, deliverability, regulations, policies and more.



We’ll teach you exactly how to find leads and convert them to clients, so you can grow your business (and how to have fun doing it)! This sets us apart from other coaching training.

PCC + CHC = $9997

ACC + CHC = $4997

Pay Upfront and Attend a Weeklong Retreat for Free!

Interest-Free Payments Over 24 Months If Needed

($417 monthly for PCC-CHC)

($208 monthly for ACC-CHC)

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