Building Stronger Relationships – Exploring Ali Hendry’s Certified Relationship Coach (CRC) Training Program

Ali hendry

Ali Hendry, PCC and Certified Life Coach talks to us about her Certified Relationship Coach (CRC) Training Program.

Radiant Coaches Academy (RCA): Hi Ali! Thank you for talking to us about the CRC Program today.

Ali: You’re welcome! Discussing relationships is my favourite topic. I remember a particular RCA class, helping us to find our niche, with Dez Stephens (CEO and founder of RCA) when I was training back in 2020, and she asked us to identify the area we could imagine talking about for twenty-four hours. As I glanced over at my bookshelf crammed with self-help relationship books and memoirs by marginalised authors, the answer was crystal clear! I was excited to have this be the focus of my life coaching practice.

RCA: Great! What was the process for putting together the CRC Program?

Ali: It took me three months to put the syllabus together. This included researching the topics, filming the training videos, constructing the prompt sheets and resources lists, and designing the live zoom classes. I wanted the trainees to have a wealth of information in the course, including extra educational links in case they wanted to delve further into particular topics. 

RCA: How did you choose the syllabus topics?

Ali: From day one I knew exactly what the course needed to include. I had talked with trainees on the holistic life coaching course where I have been a trainer for the last two of years, and with my own coaching community, and coaching clients. I read the latest relationship books and guides and keep on top of contemporary and diverse relationship podcasts. I have the joy of running the DIVA Magazine Relationship Room on Instagram LIVE where for the last three years I have interviewed a different relationship expert on every imaginable topic under the sun and moon! 

RCA: Wow! You like to stay current!

Ali: Education has always been a key part of who I am; before coaching I was a DEI and communication skills trainer for twenty years. There are more than forty different subjects covered in the CRC course, and using the feedback from trainees in each cohort I am constantly adding more content. And of course the world changes, new research and terminology emerges, and it’s important to remain current.

RCA: Absolutely, I can imagine the relationship world keeps evolving. You mentioned prompt sheets. Tell us more about these.

Ali: The trainees work through 8 levels of the online self-paced syllabus, and each of the twenty-two missions has a video and a prompt sheet. This sheet is a summary of the topic and how it could show up in the coaching space, a psychology question to help trainees address their own views on the topic, and a curiosity question to share with the other trainees that provides a shared learning experience. Then there’s a list of resources, including books, podcasts, articles, TED talks, apps, social media educators, and more!

RCA: That sounds thorough and comprehensive. What are some of the other topics?

Ali: Everything you could think of from the start to the end of a relationship! For example, flirting, dating, sex and sexuality, relationship lovestyles, trust, commitment, cheating, heartbreak, to name but a few! We also go into psychology with topics like Attachment Theory and Family Dynamics. I’ve recently added “menopause and sex” since entering menopause myself, and because I work one day a month as a menopause awareness trainer for a charity. Menopause is an area that is poorly understood.

RCA: Do you work on any other projects outside of RCA?

Ali: Yes, I volunteer as a “human book” for a fantastic organisation called Human Library. They run free educational events across the world where we “books” present a facet of our lives to the public and they can ask us any questions. Their tagline is “unjudge yourself”. My topic is non-monogamy and it is fascinating the questions I get asked. Sometimes it is really hard too, but it keeps me grounded in how parts of society view non-monogamy.

RCA: What is your favourite part of running the CRC training?

Ali: I love watching the trainees grow their coaching expertise, particularly in the Skills Practice classes where they run 20-minute coaching sessions followed by in-depth feedback. Then they come back the following week and try out the new skills, and it’s a beautiful thing! I also get so excited for them when they graduate.

RCA: That sounds amazing! What are the current trainees and graduates saying about the CRC program?

Ali: Several of the trainees have said the course has had a positive impact on their own romantic and sexual relationships, which is brilliant! I tell trainees that a large part of the course is about personal development, and they have to be ready and open for the ride.

As I mentioned, the Skills Practice classes fine-tune their coaching skills, and trainees really enjoy this learning space. They have the opportunity to practice individual coaching, dyad coaching, and group coaching. They also enjoy the coach supervision classes that offer professional support, and the classes that help them learn the ICF core competencies. I love demonstrating coaching exercises they can use in their sessions, and these go down well too.

Graduates and trainees use this course to compliment the other work they are doing. For example, trauma coaching, spiritual life coaching, psychotherapy, sex education, advocacy work, business coaching.

RCA: I can see how relationship coaching can enhance lots of other areas. What would you say to someone who is considering signing up?

Ali: It is a big decision and is going to require commitment and an investment of time and resources. Come and try out a class first, and book in for a chat with me. There is no pressure to decide, it has to feel right for you. And although we launch the 3-month cohorts in January, April, July, and October, you can join mid-cohort and carry on into as many subsequent cohorts as you need.

RCA: Do many trainees complete the course in three months?

Ali: Some do, and some take six or nine months. It depends on what else is going on in their lives. The course doesn’t expire. They have to complete 50 hours training in total. This comprises 24 hours of self-study (working through the online self-paced syllabus), 25 hours of live zoom classes (there are over 40 different classes to choose from in each 3-month cohort) and a 1-hour mentor session with me.

RCA: Thank you for sharing your course and your enthusiasm today!

Ali: You are very welcome! I am proud and grateful to be part of Radiant Coaches Academy.

Want more information about the CRC program? Here are some FAQs.

How long will it take to complete this course? This program is a mix of self-study and live coaching zooms. It could take anything from three months to a year, or longer.

Do you do payment plans? Yes. There are up to 25-monthly interest-free payment plans available.

Do I need to know anything about coaching prior to starting? No. Do book in a talk with one of the trainers in advance. You are also welcome to attend a sample class before signing up.

Can I make an income out of coaching? Yes. Be prepared for this to take time. Since lockdown the number of coaches training has skyrocketed, so it is worth thinking about what will make your coaching practice unique. What skills and experiences make you stand out from the crowd? During the course you will be encouraged to build on your established skills, experiences and knowledge, to develop a practice that is bespoke to you.

Does this course expire? No. Take as long as you need. And once you have received your certification you are always welcome to pop into classes anytime.

Do you have any low-cost places for marginalized groups? Radiant Coaches Academy follows pioneering practices for marginalized and intersectional communities. We have a queer coaches page and BIPOC coaching programs. Contact one of the course trainers discuss options.

Can I continue to work full-time and still complete this course? Yes. There is no specific timeframe you are required to complete this course. The only caveat is how the classes fit into your schedule.

What is the age range? 18+ up to any age! Many of our students are between the ages of 20 to 60, but our oldest student is 78.

I am neurodivergent, what support can you offer me? We welcome all abilities in our trainee cohorts. Speak to the course trainers in advance so they can make reasonable adjustments that suit your learning style.

Does this course talk about Indigenous populations? Many of Radiant Coaches Academy training retreats and online classes are Indigenous-led. But there are some models used such as Attachment Theory that center around the nuclear Eurocentric Family paradigm. Whilst both course trainers are active allies and are educated in diversity, equity and inclusion, Radiant Coaches Academy recognizes and acknowledges the limiting filters that our course materials align with. There is a course module on diversity + inclusion included in the program that covers areas relating to the BIPOC community. We are open to ongoing feedback regarding ways to develop the reach and relevance of this course. Please contact Ali Hendry with your suggestions. 

What are the cohort sizes? The zoom group coaching classes are capped at 15 students.

What happens if I miss a class? Each class topic is repeated four times per year.

Is there a pressure to finish the course within a certain time period? This all depends on what pressure you wish to put on yourself! Trainees are encouraged to set up accountability buddies within the student cohort to help progress through the course at a speed that feels right for you. The course does not expire, you have lifelong access.

What additional support is available to me? You can reach out to the course trainers at any time and they will respond within 48 hours. There is also a supportive Facebook Group, as well as community and connection through the Quest syllabus learning portal. You have access to all the Radiant Coaches Academy resources for life.

How would you describe the overall approach of this course? Radiant Coaches Academy trainers share their diverse and extensive knowledge and experience, they are constantly assessing where the trainees are at and what areas of growth they want to achieve. If a trainee brings a particular stance or style that the trainers are not familiar with, they will endeavour to incorporate it into the syllabus. Learning should be a two-way process, and not a fixed entity. This is why the course is a combination of online syllabus and live coaching training, allowing for ongoing adaptations. The trainers are adept at travelling at the pace of the learners.

Can I have help setting up my new business? Yes. There are practical tips and ongoing support around this. Radiant Coaches Academy is passionate about the coaching industry. We want you to run a successful gold standard certified life coaching business and will help and support you on your journey. This includes advice on policies, procedures and practices for creating your business.

Interested in training as a certified relationship coach? Book your curiosity call with Ali here: 

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