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Life Coach for Filmmakers

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Independent Filmmakers
Movie Investors
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Filmmakers Learn How To Improve Their Mindsets.

Learn what DELIVERABLES are.

Learn How and When To Fulfill Your Deliverables.

Receive the File System for Proper Deliverables.

Receive the Legal Paperwork You Need.

Gifts and Techniques to Better Fundraise.

Creativity Increases as Stress Decreases.

Filmmakers Live More Authentic Lives.

Cast and Crew Relationships Grow Stronger.

Learn Ways to Manage Relationship Setbacks.

Independent Filmmaker's Survival Manual:

Maneuver the Minefield of Indie Movies


Make Your Movie In + Out of a Failed System:

Supporting Filmmakers of All Types

Angela’s passion is Life Coaching for Indie Filmmakers and Creatives with a drive to create content to better the world. After making and selling films in the studio system, independent film world, and self distributed she has seen first hand how the Hollywood system is set up for indie filmmakers to fail. Angela Shelton is ALL about escape routes. She works side-by-side with Radiant Health Institute to give filmmakers, creatives, and investors the tools they need to remove the 

issues that will prevent their films from ever being made or seen. From fundraising to distribution, Angela provides the mindset tools, the legal paperwork you need (worth over 50K), and the file system and requirements for your Deliverables to prevent your film from being stalled or halted. She provides pathways outside the Hollywood system that is set up for you to fail so that you can not only succeed on your path, but make another film!

“Angela's films were the most organized of any delivery we have ever received.”

~ 101 Films, London

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