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We believe that animals give us special messages to help us on our spiritual journeys. They remind us about our connection to nature. 

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intuitive, Dez Stephens, Chooses Your Animal card

‘Dez Stephens is nothing short of brilliant!'

Ambey Singh


‘Dez’s intuitive gift is amazing, and even more amazing is her ability of condensing a powerful message in few, significant words. In only three sentences Dez gave me three clear and accurate answers in as many areas of my life (motherhood, business and relationships). And, the letter arrived in Croatia! I have almost forgotten how beautiful it is to receive a physical letter you can hold in your hands and feel the energy of a person far away from you nowadays.'

Nina Kapel


‘Dez’s messages are always so inspirational and in alignment with the current state of my journey. I can feel the connection with the card chosen and the message is powerful and exactly what my soul needs to hear. Dez’s intuitive gifts are phenomenal!'

Jody M


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