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Balance Life Off the Field

Clarify Your Athletic Goals


Benefits of Life Coaching for Athletes

Athletes Learn How To Improve Their Mindsets.
Mistakes Become Lessons.
Gifts and Talents Become More Evident.
Reconciling with the Past Becomes Positive.
Getting in Trouble Becomes Less Appealing.
Better Judgement Calls Are Made.
Financial Decisions Become Easier.
Negotiation Skills Improve.
Confidence Increases.
Players Live More Authentic Lives.
Decision-Making Becomes More Clear.
Personal Relationships Grow Stronger.

Make a Change


Michelle’s passion is Life Coaching for Athletes. She works side-by-side with Radiant Health Institute, as their Director of Holistic Health, to disperse underlying “off-the-court and off-the-field” issues that may prevent athletes from showing out well on game days. Together, Michelle and her clients come to an understanding to prevent athletes from getting involved with actions that cause turmoil within their lives and sporting career. She works with:

Baseball Players
Former NFL Players
NFL Prospect Players
CFL Prospect Players
XFL Prospect Players
UFC Competitors

Keep Your Eye on the Prize!

Creating Stronger Mindsets

Creating Stronger Athletes

Focus on Getting Signed!

Rob Gray

Holistic High-Performance Coach

john pointer

Former NFLer + Entrepreneur Coach

Jane Wilkey

Trained Holistic Coach

Cierra Tutton

Certified Holistic Coach

megan griffin

Athletic Mindset Coach

dez stephens

Founder, Radiant Coaches Academy

angela shelton

Holistic Trauma Coach

high-risk players especially benefit from life coaching
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Life Advising for Athletes

Dez Stephens, CHC, ACC
Founder & CEO
Radiant Coaches Academy

Michelle Jones, LPN, CHC
Director of Holistic Health
Radiant Coaches Academy


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