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Nearly 20 Years In Business

Business Development Coaching + Training

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Benefits of Program

Many people find Business Development or “sales” challenging: if they don’t come from a sales or client management background – as many coaches don’t – it can seem intimidating. How do I sell my services and grow my business?  Who do I sell to?  How do I identify and contact them?


It doesn’t have to be that way: by joining this Business Development program, you’ll be given the skills, knowledge and confidence to carry out BD to the best of your ability.  Over 6 months you will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of what it takes to be successful at BD;
  • Put in place the processes you need to make the most of your BD efforts;
  • Discover your own, authentic style for carrying out BD in the way that works best for you and your business;
  • Learn how to build and maintain relationships over the long term with everyone in your network;
  • Create new opportunities and, potentially, win some work!

Content Outline
Top-line content covered

1.     Intro
a.     Business Development competency questionnaire
b.     How the program works
c.      Sales pipeline introduction

2.     Creating and Maintaining Relationships
a.     How/When
b.     Follow up

3.     Knowing what you’re selling
a.     Elevator pitch
b.      Buying signals

4.     Business Development in practice
a.     Follow up
b.     Practicing Business Development
c.      Networking events

5.     Creating awareness
a.     Social media
b.     Speaking
c.      Writing
d.     Other platforming

6.     Close
a.     Reinforcement of key points
b.     Actions & commitments
c.      Questionnaire
d.     Feedback

Program Details

The program is for groups between 6-12 people.
[Only 9 spots left!]

Over 6 months, 6x group coaching sessions of 2-3 hours
Access to 6 modules to provide content, space for reflection and to support your learning


Normal pricing is $2000 – Radiant Coaches receive training at an introductory price of only $1249

[$249 deposit and five payments of $200 each over five months.] Deadline to sign up is November 16, 2020. 

Payment link here

App-based learning to provide content on demand

Classes start December 7th! 

[Subsequent classes meet on the 1st Monday of each month.]

Sebastian Fox, ACC

After 17 years working in senior sales, key account and marketing roles in the UK, Europe and Asia, Seb set up Brownfox consultancy in 2003 to help professionals improve their Business Development and Key Client Management skills. Over that time, he has worked with over 250 individuals helping them become as good as they can be in those roles.  


Recognizing that many people find “sales” intimidating, and drawing on his own experiences working in a professional firm, much of his work is around enabling individuals – especially those for whom client management and business development doesn’t come naturally or easily – to apply good practice in a way that allows them to become comfortable, self-supporting and able to sustain their activities over their careers.

Seb is ACC accredited, holds a Diploma in Team Coaching Mastery, and is part of the Faculty of the Team Coaching Studio.  He is increasingly involved in helping leadership and functional teams significantly improve their performance through helping them develop better relationships both within the team itself and between the team and the wider organization in which it operates.


Seb has been part of the EthicalCoach Leadership Team for the past 3 years and is currently the Team Lead for Ethiopia, responsible for implementing a coaching project for 20 NGO leaders and their leadership teams. He has spoken at many events and online on the subject of BD.

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