Holistic Life Coach Carolina Valerio

My mission is to help you with Life Coaching techniques to find a motivated life or to help you reach your goals, I help you to find the changes you need to make in order to live the life of your dreams and I accompany you in the process.

Mi misión es ayudarle a través de las técnicas de Life Coaching a encontrar su motivación en la vida o a alcanzar sus metas, a que pueda encontrar cuales son los cambios que necesita realizar para crear la vida que desea y le acompaño en el proceso.

Carolina in Panama

Carolina has served as a holistic coach trainer and translator in Honduras and Panama. She has done this work for Radiant Coaches Academy since 2016. 

Carolina Graduates in 2015

Carolina was in the very first graduating class for Radiant Coaches Academy in 2015, becoming one of the first 50 people trained to become a professional holistic life coach in Honduras! 

About Carolina

Carolina Valerio became a Certified Life Coach by the ICF (International Coach Federation) in 2015 through Radiant Health Institute, she has a specialization in Neuro Linguistic Programing, she is from Honduras and speaks English and Spanish.


Carolina Valerio se convirtió en Entrenadora de Vida Certificada por el ICF (Federación Internacional de Coaches) en 2015 a través del Instituto Radiant Health con especialización en programación neurolinguistica , ella es de Honduras y habla inglés y español.

Carolina (in red on left)

Carolina travels with Radiant Coaches Academy to train and translate from English to Spanish. 

Professional Coaching Industry

Carolina is a team member and presenter for Radiant Coaches Academy

Carolina Co-Trains in Panama

Carolina's Coach Training

Carolina Translates in Panama

Spanish Version Training

Testimonials for Carolina

“Being coached by Carolina was the highlight of the day. She seems to be genuinely concerned about helping others.” ~ Luis


“My session with Carolina was very interesting with profound results. She helped me view my situation from a much more gentle, loving and accepting perspective which allowed me to feel free to make changes instead of feeling restricted by my circumstances. I´m very grateful to her for that.” ~ Bessy


“Carolina really helped me to balance my emotions and thoughts. She gave me very effective tools for making decisions. I feel very secure and confident with it.”


“Carolina me ayudó mucho a equilibrar mis emociones y pensamientos, me brindó herramientas muy efectivas para autoanalizarme y tomar decisiones. Me siento muy seguro y confiado con ella. Excelente labor!” ~ Fernando


“I am really glad Carolina helped me see clearer something I thought I had to do. After speaking with her, I spent two more days thinking on my issue. At last I really figured out I did what I had to do and should let things take its course. I have no idea how Carolina did it because I go back and can only remember her asking me simple questions that I knew the answers to but really hadn't been asked directly.” ~ Janina


“My session with Carolina helped me to focus more on what I have to do to improve my work. I feel at peace and with much desire to move forward with more positivity.” ~ Carol


“I looked for her coaching because I had been meaning to make a decisión that is crucial for my life and was very unsure and undecided as to making the movement or not. The point is that the straightforward questions that Carolina asked me were not only totally asserted but were definitely the questions that I needed to answer myself in order to make the decision. She led me not only into focusing which has always been one of my major flaws but she helped me to discover within myself that the reasons I had for deciding to make the change were more than valid. She was professional, focused and caring.” ~ Claudia


“Carolina yesterday helped me a lot. She conveys peace, security and especially balance. It brings me back to Earth and anchors me. She is always confident. Carolina helped me to feel a lighter load and has given me a very effective understanding of what I am experiencing.”


“El día de ayer Carolina me ayudo mucho, me trasmite paz, seguridad y sobre todo equilibrio, ella me trae de nuevo a tierra y me ancla. Siempre confiado.” ~ Fernando


“Carolina was very revealing. She assisted me in getting to the bottom of a very complex personal situation, and then led me to become creative about possible alternatives from which I could choose. She was a caring and sensitive guide through a painful situation, for which I am grateful.” ~ Bessy


“I've had two sessions with Carolina. The first was an hour and that day was great because I was reborn almost. Now I have very clear to do in my work. She helped me to start working on what I really like and to put a plan into action to reach my goal. In the second session, she helped me realize all the ideas I've always had to develop professionally and fear had never worked there. Now I have short-term goals and long-term as well.”


“Tuve dos sesiones con Carolina, la primera fue de una hora y ese día fue fantástico porque volví a nacer prácticamente; ahora ya tengo muy claro que hacer en mi trabajo.  Ella me ayudo a empezar a trabajar en lo que realmente me gusta y a poner un plan en acción para llegar a mi meta. En la segunda sesión me ayudó a darme cuenta de todas las ideas que siempre he tenido para desarrollarme profesionalmente y por temor nunca habia trabajado en ellas. Ahora ya tengo metas a corto plazo y a largo plazo también.” ~ Carol


“I spent two hours with Carolina that were very productive and helped me confront myself!”


“Estuve dos horas en sesión con Carolina que fueron muy productivas y me ayudaron a confrontarme:” ~ Maryin


“My session with Carolina was fantastic and amazing. When the right questions are asked, there are hooks that hunt issues or things that are within us as gravitating, unresolved issues that often do not allow us to advance toward our goals. That's exactly what happened at my coaching session. I figured out an exact account of the existence of two great fears that I could not face simply because I may not have known of their existence or was ignoring. It was wonderful to identify them and know that I can face these giants!”


Mi sesión con Carolina fue fantástica, no dejara de asombrarme, el hecho que, cuando se hacen las preguntas correctas, son como anzuelos que cazan asuntos o cosas que están en nuestro interior como gravitando, asuntos sin resolver que muchas veces no nos dejan avanzar hacia nuestras metas…Y eso es exactamente lo que sucedió en esa sesión, pude darme cuenta exacta de la existencia de dos grandes temores que no he podido enfrentar, simplemente porque quizás no sabia de su existencia, o los estuve obviando….! Fue maravilloso identificarlos y saber que puedo enfrentar esos gigantes! ~ Isabel


“Como siempre, hablar con Carolina es hermoso, interesante, porque siempre te llevara hacia lo que realmente necesitas descubrir..Con su gracia y asertividad, Carolina valerio va en camino de convertirse en una experimentada Coach latinoamericana..” ~ Maria

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