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Holistic Coaching vs. Traditional Coaching: Understanding the Differences

Holistic Coaching vs. Traditional Coaching

Today, coaching has surfaced not just as a support tool but as a transformative force for personal and professional development. Among the myriad coaching styles available, understanding the distinctions between Holistic Coaching vs. Traditional Coaching is pivotal for opting for the approach that aligns suitably with your objectives. Holistic Coaching vs. Traditional Coaching represents two […]

Beyond Certification: Launching Your Life Coaching Career

Launching Your Life Coaching Career

Launching Your Life Coaching Career as a certified life coach but doubtful about what way to take after getting certified? Do you wonder how to turn your training into a thriving coaching practice that helps others? This blog aims to explore essential strategies while launching your life coaching career successfully. From developing your brand to […]

Navigating Certification Programs: A Guide for Aspiring Life Coaches

A Guide for Aspiring Life Coaches

Considering a career as a certified life coach but feeling misplaced amid the variety of certification choices? Doubtful which program will best prepare you for success in coaching others? Navigating certification programs is pivotal for establishing credibility and acquiring essential skills. This blog is a guide for aspiring life coaches and aims to simplify the […]

Can You Really Make a Living as a Coach?

Can You Really Make a Living as a Coach?

On a crisp September evening, my then sixteen-year-old son, Blais, took me out to dinner. He was excited to share with me a little sushi place he had recently discovered. It was run by a husband and wife who were also its only employees. We sat down, and just as he finished telling me how […]

How to Become a Certified Life Coach

How to Become a Certified Life Coach

A certified life coach is a person trained to help clients/ other people get direction through their challenges whether they be personal or professional. Do you know what it takes to become a Certified Life Coach? Are you curious about helping others achieve their objectives and lead to more fulfilled lives? After becoming a certified […]

The Future of Holistic Wellness Coaching Certification

Holistic Wellness Coaching Certification

We are going through an exciting revolution in the wellness realm. There’s a growing awareness that some traditional wellness methods are outdated and that focusing only on symptoms without considering the individual as a whole is not enough to ensure optimal well-being. Holistic wellness coaching is emerging as a key driver of this powerful and […]

How to Start a Professional Life Coaching Business

How to Start a Professional Life Coaching Business

Starting a professional coaching business can be profoundly rewarding. It offers the dual benefit of making a significant impact on others’ lives while also fulfilling your inner calling.  If you’re passionate about helping people achieve their full potential and navigate life’s challenges with confidence and success, then launching your own life coaching business could be […]

How to Become a Life Coach

How to Become a Life Coach

If you’re wondering how to become a life coach, you’re in the right place. Life coaching is a path of both personal transformation and professional development that can lead to a fulfilling career helping others achieve their greatest potential. That said, being a life coach requires a blend of empathy, understanding, and strategic guidance in […]

From Therapy to Coaching

From Therapy to Coaching

I am a massive advocate of coaching and therapy. When I meet humans who are trained in both, like my coach supervisor who is an MCC coach and a relationship psychotherapist, I am always a little in awe. I can imagine the benefits of being in a space where both are readily available.


Belonging is often referred to as feeling part of something outside of ourselves. As a holistic relationship coach, I would add that we need to equally feel part of our own selves in order to develop a sense of belonging. I believe meaningful human connection arises from having a sense of autonomy and group membership concurrently.



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