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The Future of Holistic Wellness Coaching Certification

Holistic Wellness Coaching Certification

We are going through an exciting revolution in the wellness realm. There’s a growing awareness that some traditional wellness methods are outdated and that focusing only on symptoms without considering the individual as a whole is not enough to ensure optimal well-being. Holistic wellness coaching is emerging as a key driver of this powerful and […]

Unveiling the Essence of Professional Life Coaching: A Guide to Transformation

Professional Life Coaching

In the labyrinth of life’s twists and turns, many individuals find themselves yearning for guidance, clarity, and purpose. As the complexities of modern existence continue to mount, the demand for skilled navigators through life’s challenges has never been greater. This is where the profession of life coaching steps into the spotlight. In this comprehensive guide, […]

How to Start a Professional Life Coaching Business

How to Start a Professional Life Coaching Business

Starting a professional coaching business can be profoundly rewarding. It offers the dual benefit of making a significant impact on others’ lives while also fulfilling your inner calling.  If you’re passionate about helping people achieve their full potential and navigate life’s challenges with confidence and success, then launching your own life coaching business could be […]

From Therapy to Coaching

From Therapy to Coaching

I am a massive advocate of coaching and therapy. When I meet humans who are trained in both, like my coach supervisor who is an MCC coach and a relationship psychotherapist, I am always a little in awe. I can imagine the benefits of being in a space where both are readily available.



Now more than ever before, the need for Spiritual Life Coaches is on the rise, so Radiant Coaches Academy has partnered with Jennifer White, Mermedicine Woman, to bring you a brand new and very powerful advanced training certification:  Certified Spiritual Life Coach (CSLC).  


Belonging is often referred to as feeling part of something outside of ourselves. As a holistic relationship coach, I would add that we need to equally feel part of our own selves in order to develop a sense of belonging. I believe meaningful human connection arises from having a sense of autonomy and group membership concurrently.

Live the Dream: My TEDx Talk

TEDx Talk

When the pandemic hit and my work dried up for months, I returned to my positive experiences of having a life coach and started to research coach training programmes. Radiant Coaches Academy had the exact balance I was looking for: inclusive practices and policies, a good mix of business guidance and a spiritual focus, flexible studies, and generous payment plans.

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

You may have come across the phrase Law of Attraction and have an inkling about what it is… something to do with energy? Or spirituality? Beliefs? Something a bit woo-woo? To my mind, it is a blend of several areas, some of which overlap.

My Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Journey

Coach (PCC) Journey

I was so confused when I started my coach training in 2020, not just because of the ongoing global pandemic, but because of the new language I was learning. Here’s a breakdown of what I know, in the simplest way possible.

Trust in Coaching

Trust in Coaching

What does Trust mean to you? How does it show up in your different relationships? I used to think you had to build trust and then I came across the work of Rachel Botsman. She says in every relationship dynamic there is always a Trust Giver and a Trust Receiver.



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