Setting And Maintaining Boundaries

I am a certified holistic relationship coach working with LGBT+ women and our allies, and one topic that shows up for most of my clients is boundaries. Useful Definitions Boundaries are needs focused. They relate to your yes, maybe, and no. They are set and upheld by you, and can relate to physical, mental, emotional […]

Three Surprising Things I Learnt from Being a Coach

Three Surprising Things I Learnt from Being a Coach

Training as a coach in my 50s felt like coming home. Coaching aligned with my life purpose and continues to amaze and delight me daily. I am a relative newbie, having started my business as a Holistic Relationship Coach for LGBT+ women (trans and non-binary inclusive) two years ago, and yet there has been so […]

Five Reasons to Become a Certified + Credentialed Coach

Following the launch of the Radiant Coaches: Live Sessions podcast where I interview a certified coach and receive a live coaching session, I have been reflecting on my own decision to become a certified coach. The coaching industry is not regulated in the way that many of us coaches would like. Anyone can launch a fancy website […]

Coaching with Self-Compassion


We are surrounded by (what feels like) interchangeable terminology relating to Self. Self-love, Self-care, Self-compassion. And what about self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth. One thing I know from my research is that definitions vary depending on the author’s thoughts, feelings, and experiences. So here are the definitions that work for me: Self-Love: a loving kindness towards self, […]

Routines & Rituals

routines & rituals

Coaching brings us deeper into relationship with ourselves. It provides a safe container in which to accept where we are at and then create possibilities for change. Routines and Rituals are a great way of sustaining those changes. DEFINITIONS Both routines & rituals have a predictable structure, a sense of anticipation, and can be grounding, […]

The Power of Journaling


I have kept a journal since I was a teenager, or diary as we used to call it in the 1980s! Diaries were what maiden aunts gifted their nieces and took the form of a pink flowery hardback book with a miniature lock and key. The message was clear, this is an activity for girls, […]

Improvisation for Coaches

Improvisation for Coaches

Around 20 years ago I did a course in comedy improvisation. At the time I was running a queer women’s theatre company in London, UK and producing small festivals of plays by new writers. After the course, I started running my own classes and soon we had thirty regular improvisers, which led to a three-week […]

Money Mindset and Me

money mindset

My relationship with money is an ongoing journey. When I had my first career coach, four years ago, she asked me to write a letter to Money. I recently found it and here are the edited highlights!

Coaching Exercises

Coaching Exercises

Pure coaching involves questioning using your intuition, enabling your client to gain clarity on where they’re at, where they want to go, and how they can get there. Although running exercises with your clients arguably isn’t coaching, we are all “multipassionistas” with a range of wonderous skills under our belts. And you get to choose what to bring into your coaching business, so your clients can follow their true paths.

Finding Your Coaching Niche

Coaching Niche

When I started my Radiant Coaches Academy training in 2020, I was exploring my niche. Initially, I didn’t want to limit my options, so I cast my net wide. In time, I realized this was a limiting belief; I now realize the right clients will find me.



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