Wellness Coaching Certification Course

Wellness Coaching Certification Course

Wellness Coaching Certification Course In partnership with Radiant Coaches Academy In this 12-week course, you’ll learn how to be a holistic wellness coach. You’ll get the tools and knowledge to help clients make healthy changes to their lives, and instruct in your area of expertise while maintaining the coaching agreement. Rooted in core competencies, this […]

Healing and Trauma Recovery: Insights from a Certified Life Coach

Trauma Recovery Program

It’s possible that people can recover from trauma, I know because I help people do it every day as a Certified Life Coach. It’s becoming more known within the scientific community that trauma isn’t an event that happened to you in your past, but rather memories that are stored within a separate part of your […]

Mind Mastery – Holistic Coaching Journey to Transformation

Mind Mastery

Unlocking the Potential Within: Mind Mastery – A 12-Week Holistic Coaching Journey to Transformation In the world of personal growth and coaching, we’ve realized something profound: lasting change starts from within. As an ICF credentialed ACC coach, certified holistic coach, and NLP master practitioner, I’m excited to introduce a transformative 12-week group coaching course designed […]

Coaching and Allyship- Ali Hendry


When I first became interested in equity and inclusion twenty years ago, I didn’t know what an ally was. I studied the laws, policies, procedures, and inclusive terminology. The word allyship was in its infancy, even though the concept has been around for centuries. Think of any historical situation where someone outside of a marginalised […]

From Therapy to Coaching

From Therapy to Coaching

I am a massive advocate of coaching and therapy. When I meet humans who are trained in both, like my coach supervisor who is an MCC coach and a relationship psychotherapist, I am always a little in awe. I can imagine the benefits of being in a space where both are readily available.


Belonging is often referred to as feeling part of something outside of ourselves. As a holistic relationship coach, I would add that we need to equally feel part of our own selves in order to develop a sense of belonging. I believe meaningful human connection arises from having a sense of autonomy and group membership concurrently.

Live the Dream: My TEDx Talk

TEDx Talk

When the pandemic hit and my work dried up for months, I returned to my positive experiences of having a life coach and started to research coach training programmes. Radiant Coaches Academy had the exact balance I was looking for: inclusive practices and policies, a good mix of business guidance and a spiritual focus, flexible studies, and generous payment plans.

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

You may have come across the phrase Law of Attraction and have an inkling about what it is… something to do with energy? Or spirituality? Beliefs? Something a bit woo-woo? To my mind, it is a blend of several areas, some of which overlap.



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