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Our Chamber doesn’t have the traditional/old school HR department where you can go talk to someone confidentially. This can be difficult when you have an issue with a colleague or a personal issue. My entire career I’ve always worked where you had someone you could go talk to. Holistic coaches from Coaches for Chambers is an amazing resource. I can talk with their coaches about anything, professional or personal. They help me work out issues on my own. They show me that I had the answers all along inside of me. It’s great to have someone to talk with to set goals and figure out how to manage relationships with co-workers, etc. I highly recommend any person try a holistic coach from Coaches for Chambers.”

Denise Hoolhorst

Manager, Member Relations, Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce

Holistic Coaching

Christa Booker

Christa Booker is a certified holistic coach residing in Nolensville, TN. She helps clients achieve happiness and manage stress through mindful and conscious living. She is also currently in training to be a mindfulness facilitator through the Vanderbilt Osher Center of Integrative health. She is also well educated in trauma and attachment styles and uses this knowledge to provide compassionate support and appropriate guidance to help her clients move towards achieving their goals and reclaim the life they deserve.

Holistic Coaching

Dez Stephens

Dez Stephens is the Founder + CEO of Radiant Coaches Academy (a division of Radiant Health Institute) – a prominent international coach training school that certifies individuals to create vibrant, professional, private practices as holistic life coaches, wellness coaches and business coaches. She is a certified + credentialed coach, master trainer and marketing strategist.

Human Potential Coaching

Juan Arnold

Empowering and inspiring individuals to reach their human potential to make a significant difference in their quality of life and the life of others

Holistic Coaching

Vic Sorrell

Vic Sorrell is a born communicator on a mission to share what he has learned that has made his own life better.  His work is centered around the invitation we all have to remember our True nature in Love and to align consciously with that Truth to create a life of purpose, passion, and prosperity.  Coaching, therefore, is a natural inclination for Vic.  He knows, as we support others on the path to being who they are, we help create a world where we're all who we came to be.

Holistic Coaching

Megan Johnson-Rox

Megan Johnson-Rox, MA, ACC, has a passion for helping people better understand themselves, communicate better with others, improve relationships, and self-confidence. She has taught communication at colleges and universities for 10+ years. She likes to inspire, encourage, teach, and empower those whose voices have been marginalized or who lack self-confidence.

Holistic Coaching

Casey Perkins-Lawrence

As a Certified Holistic Coach. Casey connects with clients who are ready to embark on transformative inner work.

Holistic Coaching

Tara Tse

Tara Tse is the founder of Grow Personal Development Services Ltd. She has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and a Master of Business Administration. She is a Certified Holistic Coach, a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, a Registered Yoga Teacher, and she has 8 years of experience as a Certified Exercise Physiologist. Tara helps High Achievers and Athletes, throughout their lifetime, who are struggling with life transitions (changing career, approaching age milestones, and approaching retirement)Since 2005, she has developed a method that stems from a combination of self-awareness tools, spiritual philosophies, and science-based wellness concepts. She uses this method to help her clients to develop a holistic approach to improve their confidence, to live their best life, and create their definition of true wealth.

Holistic Coaching

Hope Hughes

As a certified intuitive holistic life coach, Hope Hughes guides her clients through their own self discovery process to help them implement both functional and energetic shifts that allow them to step into their unlimited potential. She has been a nationally certified fitness instructor since 2010 and is a two-time cancer survivor. She sets her clients at ease as she creates a safe space for them to dig deep into what is holding them back and helps  them move forward toward creating the extraordinary lives they wish to live. Hope conducts group coaching workshops and shares her journey through public speaking and writing.

Holistic Coaching

Kesley Page

Kesley Page is an intuitive practitioner. The integral part of his business Heal 615 is intuitive life balance. Kesley is an energy healer, certified holistic coach, and a trauma sensitive therapeutic massage therapist. Through his diverse areas of study and the guidance of intuition Kesley helps navigate his clients into holistic alignment. Kesley also shares his journey through motivational speaking, facilitating healing circles, teaching, and community advocacy.

Holistic Coaching

Paula Shepherd

Paula Shepherd is a Certified Confidence coach helping women find their voice, learn to use it, and stop settling. Paula spent 20 years in Corporate America before leaving a six-figure management to pursue her vision of every woman everywhere silencing self-limiting beliefs and becoming fearless. She now shows female entrepreneurs how to show up courageously and step into their confidence so they can finally start connecting with their people, making sales, and taking back control.

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