Although most working people look forward to retirement, when it actually happens, it can leave them feeling a bit lost—not only in terms of having things to think about and do, but also in terms of the full-time income to which they’ve been accustomed.

Retirees then, face three common phenomena once they clock out for good:

First, they’re looking for ways to fill their time with activities that stimulate their minds and bodies. Second, in many cases, retirement income doesn’t offer quite enough to cover the “fun” things retirees have time for: traveling, new hobbies, or fun “toys” (think boats or RVs!). Finally, they often want to give back in some way … to change the world now that they have the time and wisdom to do so.

At Radiant Coaches Academy, we believe that everyone—especially in retirement—needs three basic things in life:

  1. Someone to love.
  2. Something to do.
  3. Something to look forward to.

While we can’t necessarily help you with finding someone to love, we recommend having someone or something to take care of. If you don’t have a spouse or children or a close friend, consider a pet or a houseplant. And if you aren’t in a romantic partnership and don’t have a pet at home to cuddle with, get regular massages!

When it comes to the second and third items on the list above, though, we can help. Becoming a professional coach can give you something to do and something to look forward to. Each step in the process will keep you stimulated and looking forward to the next.

Also, coaching can take care of the three phenomena we mentioned above: it can fill your time (while still allowing you to enjoy your newfound freedom), it can offer you additional income, and it gives you the chance to change the world!

Let’s address each of these ideas:

Coaching as something to do (as a way to fill your time with a stimulating activity): Becoming certified as a coach gives you a chance to stretch your mental muscles, as you learn proven coaching techniques and business-building skills. And, of course, putting all those techniques and skills to work will keep you busy as you find ideal clients, develop your content, and change the world!

Coaching as a way to earn extra money:

Coaching is a unique career because it allows you to set up your business model in almost any way. You can coach clients one-on-one, or you can create group or self-study programs that allow you to reach more people in the same amount of time (and more passive income).

Coaching as a way to give back—to share your wisdom and change the world:

Although you may not have coach training YET, you undoubtedly have wisdom and the desire to change the world. With the coaching skills you’ll learn during the certification process, you’ll be equipped to guide people to change their lives!

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