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Team-Building. Delegation. Communication. Stress Management. Holistic Leadership. Individual + Company-Wide Programs.


Meet Our Founder

Why Try Holistic Wellness?

Holistic Coaches are highly trained to work with the entire person instead of just focusing on one issue.

Your employees have multi-layered challenges in their professional lives. They also have challenges in their personal lives that can impact performance and attendance.

Holistic Coaches address all of these stressors in a way that will positively impact many areas of your employees lives.



Holistic Well-Being Retreats

Serene Locations to Unwind + Clarify Priorities

Enjoy the solace of nature without being far-removed from a major city. [One option is in Sewanee, Tennessee, about an hour from downtown Nashville.]

Retreat center with surrounding tiny homes for walkable access to holistic corporate wellness activities.

Presenteeism + Absenteeism Decreases

Fewer Employees Coming to Work Sick and Taking Sick Days

The global pandemic has taught us that sick employees coming to work just does not work. 

Holistic Corporate Wellness programs help staffers stay healthy so they can come to work more often. 

Productivity + Morale Increases

Employees Get More Work Done While at Work

Productivity comes from healthy + happy employees. 

High morale comes from staffers feeling satisfied with their roles. 

Mindfulness Classes

Staffers Learn to Focus and Relax

Employees reset and recharge.

Self-Care Recess Breaks

Your Employees Learn to Take Productive Pauses

These necessary breaks stoke creative brain and boosting productivity and innovation.

Seasonal Stress-Relief Virtual Retreats

Online Offerings for Remote Employee Experiences

Corporations realize higher returns in employee productivity and happiness, as well as team success and creative innovation.     

Our Chamber doesn’t have the traditional/old school HR department where you can go talk to someone confidentially. This can be difficult when you have an issue with a colleague or a personal issue. My entire career I’ve always worked where you had someone you could go talk to. Holistic coaches from Radiant Coaches Academy are an amazing resource. I can talk with their coaches about anything, professional or personal. They help me work out issues on my own. They show me that I had the answers all along inside of me. It’s great to have someone to talk with to set goals and figure out how to manage relationships with co-workers, etc. I highly recommend any person try a Radiant holistic coach.”


Denise Starr

Director, Member Relations, Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce

Over 800 Global Holistic Coaches

With over 800 Holistic Coaches in over 20 countries, we are well-equipped to provide a vast array of holistic corporate wellness programming.

Everyone is included.

All bodies are honored and included.


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Meet Our Holistic Team

Dez Stephens
Founder + CEO

Michelle Jones
Director of Holistic Health

Leanne Allen
Yoga + Breathwork

Nadine Crespo
Organizational Behavior Specialist

Dr. Jonathan Erickson, PCC
Holistic Coach

Letisha Uwaifo
Holistic Coach

Jazzy Sdlihc
Holistic Coach

Raya Horcher
Somatics Coach + Team Building Facilitator

Kellen Brugman
Yoga + Ayurveda

Dr. Leslie Shew
Holistic Wellness Educator + Coach

Bren Olson
Holistic Coach + Food Scientist

Tatiana ‘Tajci' Cameron, ACC
Holistic Coach Educator

Susan Hunter
Holistic Coach

Dr. Charles Bowie
Holistic Educator + Coach

Wendy Watters
Holistic Coach

Colleen Borstad
Holistic Coach

Merideth Bisiker, ACC
Holistic Coach

Amanda North
Holistic Coach

Megan Johnson-Rox, ACC
Holistic Coach

Brooke Eisenhart
Holistic Educator + Coach

Samantha Kramer, ACC
Holistic Coach

Kevani Kestel
Holistic Coach

Paula Shepherd, ACC
Holistic Coach

Tamala Shaw
Holistic Coach

Vic Sorrell
Holistic Coach

Victoria Martin-Walker
Holistic Coach

Christa Booker
Holistic Coach

Erica Cullum
Holistic Coach

Hope Hughes
Holistic Coach

Kesley Page
Holistic Coach

Juan Arnold
Holistic Coach

Ashiya Swan
Holistic Coach

Lori Bradford Miles
Holistic Coach

Marilyn Dollar
Holistic Coach

Bliss Wood
Holistic Coach

Leigh Ann Roberts, PCC
Holistic Coach

Alicia Gervais
Holistic Coach

Brandy Anderson
Holistic Coach

Ambey Singh
Holistic Coach

Afton Palmer
Holistic Coach

Dalia Kinsey
Holistic Coach

Kristi Arth
Holistic Coach

Izabela Maric
Holistic Coach

Angela Shelton
Holistic Trauma Coach

Mari Niño
Holistic Trauma Coach

Binu Prasad
Holistic Coach

Beth Barry
Certified Life Coach

Desirae Sheldon
Holistic Coach

Guityen Rodriguez Ham
Holistic Coach

Brenna Beech Chambliss
Strengths Awareness Coach

Dinah Slattery
Holistic Coach

Shamont Fowler
Holistic Coach

Alexis Foster
Holistic Coach

Sarah Beals Sager
Holistic Coach

Susan Elliott
Holistic Coach

Ali Blanchar
Holistic Coach

Julie Brazen
Holistic Coach

Brenda Lanigan
Holistic Coach

"The use of sound therapy and somatic work with corporate clients takes a wellness program to a whole new level."

~ Dez Stephens, Founder + CEO of Radiant Health Institute

Customized Care

Remote Staffers

Wellness On The Go

Customized holistic wellness education for those on the go. 

Wellness Experts

In-Person Presentations

Our holistic wellness experts come to your offices + facilities. 

Lunch + Learns, group coaching, movement, breath work, sound healing, meditation (and more) that can later be used on employee breaks. 


Wellness Webinars

Weekly + Daily Episodes

Educational and inspirational interactive online experiences with holistic wellness experts.

Movement + Meditation

In-Person + Virtual Experiences

Learn how to move and meditate to maximize focus and concentration. 

Address the aftermath of the pandemic and the healing process in the workplace.

* The emotions/grief of losing employees to furlough or death from COVID-19.

* The change from being with people in an office and now learning to work virtually. There is a physical and mental mindset you need to work virtually. People place more stress on themselves when their work computer is at home.

* The increased responsibility that may come with your current job post-pandemic.

* Some offices are bringing employees back now. There may be some anxiety (the aftermath) – What does my world look like now?


We work with nurses to decrease the stress of saving lives, especially during this pandemic.

A huge amount of nurses left the profession causing an even greater nursing shortage.

Nurses don’t necessarily know how to deal stress, death and losing patients, not to mention dealing with personal issues at home.

We provide an outlet for nurses (and other medical professionals) with a primary focus (an introductory focus) on retaining nurses.

Customize Your Own Holistic Corporate Wellness Program!