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3 in One!

1.  DEIJB Coach Certification
2.  Holistic Coach Certification
3.  ICF Credential (PCC)


Radiant Coaches Academy offers accredited hours from the International Coaching Federation in conjunction with a DEIJB Coach Certification and an overall Holistic Coach Certification + Credential.

This course will take coaches on a journey of self-discovery, learning, and planning to increase your social impact in your backyard and around the world. 

The DEIJB (diversity, equity, inclusion, justice and belonging) Advanced Coach Training Course centers around promoting inclusive coaching practices.

“Ali brings a wealth of decades of experience in DEI work and applies it to coaching with depth and nuance, but also, somehow, accessibility and approachability for someone new to the conversations. As someone who has many years experience in DEI work, I still always learn something new in her sessions. She also brings a consistent curious mind to the work and is a voracious reader on the subject. Any student or mentee of Ali will leave with a nuanced understanding of DEI work and how to apply it to their own practice, as well as an amazing book list to continue independent learning!” ~ Ashley, USA

Online Training 

What is DEIJB?

Trainees are encouraged to get uncomfortable with this emotive subject and explore their own filters. This creates a springboard into their inclusive journey. Graduates develop coaching skills to ask questions with compassion and understanding, and powerfully support their clients. Trainees have the opportunity to reform and reframe their knowledge of marginalized communities. The course leads are Emme Whyte certified Holistic Coach and Corporate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Trainer and Ali Hendry, inclusion consultant and TEDx speaker.

Course Outline

  • 1.        Business Models

    2.        Marginalized communities

    3.        Equitable Living

    4.        Racial Inequality

    5.        Advanced Facilitation & Coaching

    6.        Intersectional Lives

    7.        Allyship and Social Impact

    8.        Diversity and Niching

Holistic Coach Training

• 175-hour online course hours
• Comprehensive syllabus
• Quest Self-Study Online Platform
• Videos and Worksheets
• Extensive Resource Center
• Get published in an anthology
• Ongoing coaching feedback
• ICF Ethics Course Certificate
• 10+ hours of PCC mentoring
• Credential from the ICF


“There is great value and knowledge attending Ali’s zoom meetings. The awareness and education provided about inclusion, diversity and equity is invaluable. Things as minor as wording and how or what to say and when all the way up the ladder to corporate level’s understanding how to allow a safe and open environment for employees are some examples of what we learn with Ali. No two meetings are ever the same nor is the same material just repeated. Always something new and different to learn.” ~ Michelle USA

Ali's Missions

  • Case studies of successful businesses

    Unconscious bias

    Inclusive Leadership



    Age (include menopause)

    Coaching skills

    Facilitation skills

    Exercises and training materials

    LGBT+ & neurodivergence

    What is allyship and what can we do?

    What is social impact and what can we do?

    What is niching and how to choose one

    Aligning EDIJB and niching

Emme's Missions

  • Introduction and Breakdown of Diversity Theatrics in Business.



    Socialization of a person living as an under-represented individual

    Life with a seat at the table

    Case Studies of what successful inclusion looks like

    Breakdown of past events in which inclusion would have shifted the narrative/outcome

    Invisible disabilities

    A look at which organizations that support Allyship

    What is the social impact of Allyship organizations?

    What is niching and how to choose one

    Aligning EDIJB and niching

Course Outline

  • Format

    • Start date: February 2024
    • 3-month rolling cycles (Feb – April / May – July / Aug – Oct / Nov – Jan)
    • 50 hours of training including 25 live hours and 25 self-study hours
    • Mentor session with one of the course leads
    • Online self-paced syllabus including videos and worksheets
    • Lifetime membership to Radiant Coaches Academy community

    Course Framework

    1. Business Models: policies, procedures, and practices to support inclusion, unconscious bias, inclusive leadership 

    2. Marginalized Communities: history, discrimination, and laws relating to marginalized communities including race, LGBT+, disability (visible/invisible)

    3. Equitable Living: theory and impact

    4. Racial Inequality: in the workplace, communities, and home

    5. Advanced Facilitation and Coaching: blending two skill-sets to create powerful experiences, the use of exercises and materials to enhance sessions

    6. Intersectional Lives: prevalence, challenges, and intersectional joys

    7. Allyship and Social Impact: where to start, what to do, and how to sustain practices

    8. Diversity and niching: how to value individual differences while also committing to a specific client demographic

“Ali led and produced all the work on a large and complicated training project for the entire Army. With a training population of over 100, 000 she had to design, deliver and assure the quality of a £1M plus training programme. She undertook the in-depth research with exceptional insight and designed an interactive, stimulating and engaging set of events and sessions. She steered the programme through several years of delivery and her constant and contemporary development kept it at the forefront of thinking on the issue and the ways of communicating with everyone from senior leaders to the newest joiners. She had a large team of facilitators as well as delivery groups and had to run a continuous improvement project to assure quality and successful output. Her skill, enthusiasm and ability shone through and everything she did was characterized by originality, empathy and professionalism. Everyone learnt a lot from her input and found working with her a great pleasure as well as hugely rewarding.” ~ Mark Abraham OBE, British Army

Earn Your




Combining education, practical exercises, and mentor guidance in a supportive student cohort combined with award-winning Radiant Coaches Academy trainers. Achieving a three-in-one qualification ensures top quality for your coaching practice.

“Emme’s Connection class was insightful and allows for introspection without making one feel judged or afraid to share your thoughts with others. Her teaching style recognizes all student’s rights to a learning experience that respects diversity.” ~ Quinetta, USA

Meet the Trainers

Ali Hendry (she/her)


Ali Hendry (she/her) is the Education Director (UK) of Radiant Coaches Academy. She is a certified PCC coach, coach educator, and TEDx speaker.

After completing her BSc Psychology degree (hons) Ali worked as a research psychologist for Guy’s & St. Thomas’ Hospital, London where she taught psychology to undergraduate medical students. She then moved into inclusion training and consultancy, working freelance with businesses in the public, private, voluntary, and military sectors. She became Director of Learning & Development for a corporate training organisation, winning awards for her work and helping businesses grow and gain recognition for their DEI commitments.

As well as co-designing and delivering the DEIJB Advanced Coaching course, Ali has developed inclusion courses for CIPD training, BTEC Certificates, BA Honours Degrees, Masters Degrees, MOD CLMs and ALDPs. She is also the lead trainer on the Certified Relationship Coach Advanced Training course for Radiant Coaches Academy. 

Emme Whyte (she/her)

Certified Holistic Coach (CHC)

Course Lead: Connections Course for Radiant Coaches Academy

Corporate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Certified from University Of South Florida Muma College of Business

Inclusion Coach and Consultant


Appt Manager. https://calendly/com/getcozywithemme 


How long will it take to complete this course?

This program is a mix of self-study, live coaching zooms and organizing your own practice coaching. It could take anything from three months to six months, or longer.


Do you do payment plans?

Yes. There are up to 25-monthly interest-free payment plans available.


Do I need to know anything about coaching prior to starting?

No. Do book in a talk with one of the trainers in advance. You are also welcome to attend a sample class before signing up.


Can I make an income out of coaching?

Yes. Be prepared for this to take time. Since lockdown the number of coaches training has skyrocketed, so it is worth thinking about what will make your coaching practice unique. What skills and experiences make you stand out from the crowd? During the course you will be encouraged to build on your established skills, experiences and knowledge, to develop a practice that is bespoke to you.


Does this course expire?

No. Take as long as you need. And once you have received your certifications and credentials you are always welcome to pop into classes anytime.


Can I purchase this course as a gift?

Yes. Ensure the recipient is fully onboard, as sometimes gifted courses are not valued in the same way as those personally paid for.


Do you have any low-cost places for marginalized groups?

Radiant Coaches Academy follows pioneering practices for marginalized and intersectional communities. We have a queer coaches page and BIPOC coaching programs. Contact to discuss options.


Can I continue to work full-time and still complete this course?

Yes. There is no specific time-frame you are required to complete this course. The only caveat is how the classes fit into your schedule, but you have a number of classes each week to choose from.


What is the age range?

18+ up to any age! Many of our trainees are between the ages of 20 to 60, but our oldest student is 78.


I am neurodivergent, what support can you offer me?

We welcome all abilities in our trainee cohorts. Speak to the course trainers in advance so they can make reasonable adjustments that suit your learning style.


I have children in the house, can they be in the background while I’m attending zooms?

ICF requires that you are on camera where possible. If you do not wish to put your camera on you are required to remain interactive via audio or the chat box. Please wear a headset as some topics discussed are of an adult nature. Where you are taking part in practice coaching sessions it may not be appropriate to carry these out in the presence of children due to background noise and adult topics.


Can I be driving or walking while listening to the classes?

ICF requires that you are on camera where possible, and for your device to be in a stable position (otherwise participants can feel seasick from the moving video!) If you do not wish to put your camera on you are required to remain interactive via audio or the chat box. Assess whether you can give full attention to the classes. The topics run twice a year so you have the opportunity to take missed classes in the future.


What proof do I get on completion?

You will receive an ICF DEIJB Coach Certification. You will also receive a Radiant Coaches Academy Graduate Badge for your website and social media platforms. In addition, you can study for a credential and receive an ACC/PCC/MCC badge for display on your business platforms.


Does this course talk about Indigenous populations?

Many of Radiant Coaches Academy training retreats and online classes are Indigenous-led. Whilst the course trainers are educated in diversity, equity and inclusion, Radiant Coaches Academy recognizes and acknowledges the limiting filters that our course materials align with. We are open to ongoing feedback regarding ways to develop the reach and relevance of this course. Please contact or with your suggestions. 


What is your anti-racism policy?

[link here]


What happens if I start the course and realize it is not for me?

No refunds are issued after access is given to our online course and live Zoom classes are provided. Contact with any questions.


I am non-binary, is this course for me?

The course leads are members and allies of the LGBT+ community and are supportive of all sexualities, genders and relationship iterations. Gender binaries may be referenced in some parts of the course, however the training is geared towards supporting and amplifying all marginalized voices.


What happens if I decide not to start a coaching practice?

This course has the ability to personally enhance your own work around DEIJB. Whether you decide to set up your own coaching business now or in the future or not at all, it will provide an invaluable resource to the way you live your life.


What are the cohort sizes?

The zoom group coaching classes are capped at 15 students.


What happens if I miss a class?

Each class topic is repeated four times per year.


Is there a pressure to finish the course within a certain time period?

This all depends on what pressure you wish to put on yourself! Trainees are encouraged to set up accountability buddies within the trainee cohort to help progress through the course at a speed that feels right for you. The course does not expire, you have lifelong access.


What additional support is available to me?

You can reach out to the course trainers at any time and they will respond within 48 hours. There is also a supportive Facebook Group, as well as community and connection through the Quest syllabus learning portal. You have access to all the Radiant Coaches Academy resources for life.


How would you describe the overall approach of this course?

Radiant Coaches Academy tutors share their diverse and extensive knowledge and experience, they are constantly assessing where the students are at and what areas of growth they want to achieve. If a trainee brings a particular stance or style that the trainers are not familiar with, they will endeavor to incorporate it into the syllabus. Learning should be a two-way process, and not a fixed entity. This is why the course is a combination of online syllabus and live coaching training, allowing for ongoing adaptations. The trainers are adept at traveling at the pace of the trainees.


Can I have help setting up my new business?

Yes. There are practical tips and ongoing support around this. Radiant Coaches Academy is passionate about the coaching industry. We want you to run a successful gold standard coaching business and will help and support you on your journey. This includes advice on policies, procedures and practices for creating your business.

Tuition Options

$9000 for all three trainings!

DEIJB Coaching course by itself is only $3000 for Radiant coaches and $4000 for the general public.

[Interest-free payments over 25 months]

Email to sign up!

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