Knowing Yourself & Your Clients Through Color from a Certified Life Coach

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If you’re a dedicated coach eager to delve deeper into self-discovery and enriching your clients’ lives, our newly introduced Energy Color Coach program provides an immersive journey toward profound personal insights and elevated coaching prowess from me, a Certified Life Coach.

This course has been meticulously curated to empower not only coaches but also therapists, mediums, and healers. It offers a thorough understanding of the human electromagnetic field, commonly known as the aura, and the vibrant spectrum of colors, each possessing its own distinctive meaning.

A Journey into Color

My journey into the realm of energy colors and the human aura began during my teenage years. I was intrigued by the idea of understanding people through their unique energy patterns and how these energies correlate with personality characteristics.

While I may not visually ‘see’ people’s auras (at least not usually), I have developed an intuitive ability to ‘feel’ their energy, mapping it onto the aura color spectrum established by renowned mediums and psychics. This skill has allowed me to excel at understanding people, discerning their values, and anticipating their preferences in my interactions.

As my energy healing and coaching practice has evolved, I realized the immense value of this knowledge. Not only could I leverage it for my personal growth and in my relationships, but it also proved to be a potent tool to assist my clients. It offered them a fresh lens through which to perceive themselves.

This realization became the catalyst for creating this course, which was designed for those who aspire to make a difference in people’s lives. In my view, it is a gateway to profound connections and a profound understanding of others. It unveils their life purpose, helping them uncover what they are here to experience, how they are meant to grow, and the unique contributions they can offer to the world.

What You Get from Color Coach Certification

Now, let’s dive a little deeper into what you can expect to gain through the Energy Color Coach Certification process:

Color coach

Greater Self-Awareness and Personal Growth

One of the primary and most transformative benefits of this course is the profound self-awareness it fosters. Delving into the world of energy colors initiates a personal transformation of unparalleled depth. 

Through this journey, you will gain invaluable insights into your own energy color spectrum, uncover your inherent strengths, and identify areas ripe for growth and balance.

This heightened self-awareness of your own energy catalyzes your personal development, equipping you with the tools to maintain balance, centeredness, and lasting happiness.

Expansion of your Intuitive Capabilities

In the course, you’ll learn to recognize the different types of energy present in a person’s aura, and over time, you’ll develop the ability to intuit someone’s personality, potential, and capabilities simply by being in their presence.

We’ll also explore various ways to perceive someone’s colors, whether it’s through visual cues (clairvoyance), intuitive feelings (clairsentience), or an innate knowing (claircognizance), helping you identify your dominant clairsense for intuiting someone’s energy spectrum.

This expansion of your intuitive faculties allows you to connect more deeply with yourself and with your clients, ultimately strengthening your ability to be an intuitive coach.

Solving Common Client Challenges with Ease

Coaching clients often grapple with feeling lost or stuck, uncertain about their life’s direction. They may lack insight into their strengths, weaknesses, and limiting beliefs, making it challenging to set clear goals.

Understanding a client’s specific energy colors offers a fresh and enlightening perspective. It empowers clients to gain crystal-clear clarity about their innate passions by tapping into the energy that surrounds them.

Many of the energy colors provide profound insights into a person’s life purpose and what brings them lasting happiness and fulfillment. For example, someone with lots of yellow in their energy field would enjoy careers that allow them to play, be curious, and bring joy to other people through their own creativity.

Reviving Motivation and Consistency

Maintaining motivation and consistency in pursuing personal and professional goals can be a significant challenge for both clients and coaches alike. Clients may resist essential changes and remain within their comfort zones, presenting a hurdle in the coaching process.

Fortunately, the dynamic nature of energy colors can be harnessed to reignite motivation and provide clients with a continuous source of inspiration.

For example, individuals with a predominant violet energy are driven by grand visions; they need to visualize their goals to pursue them passionately. As a coach, you can leverage this insight to design tailored coaching strategies, such as visualization exercises and vision board creation, to fuel their pursuit of ambitious goals.

Let’s Get in Touch

As a Certified Life Coach, this certification as an Energy Color Coach is not only going to enhance your own personal growth and intuitive capabilities, but also acquire a powerful set of tools to guide your clients through these common challenges with newfound clarity and motivation.

If you have questions about the certification process or want to know more about whether it is right for you, I’d love to hear from you.

You can either email me directly at or find me on Instagram here. You can also visit my website at

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