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Family Systems


3 Trainings in One!

1.  Family Systems Coach Certification
2.  Holistic Coach Certification
3.  International Coach Federation Credential


Radiant Coaches Academy offers accredited hours from the International Coaching Federation in conjunction with a Family Systems Coach Certification and an overall Holistic Coach Certification + Credential.

This course fits a range of coaching models, including individual coaching, team coaching, and group coaching.

Students are encouraged to build on their own interests and skillsets and create a coaching practice that is right for them.

Create deeper family connections through coaching.

Online Training 

Course Description

Empowering coaches with the tools to create common ground for children and adults to learn, grow, and develop long-lasting, genuine connections. 

In this course, you will learn valuable skills for youth, parental, and family dynamic coaching. The curriculum includes navigating Family Systems, exploring complex family coaching topics, accessing a library of tools for working with youth and adults, and empowering your clients to achieve their own healthy Family Systems. 

This course fits a range of coaching models, including individual coaching, team/family unit coaching, and group coaching. Students are encouraged to build on their own interests and skill sets and create a coaching practice that is right for them. 

Holistic Coach Training

• 175-hour online course hours
• Comprehensive syllabus
• Quest Self-Study Online Platform
• Videos and Worksheets
• Extensive Resource Center
• Get published in an anthology
• Ongoing supportive coaching feedback
• ICF Ethics Course Certificate
• 10+ hours of PCC mentoring
• Credential from the ICF

Course Summary

Start Date: January 16, 2024

Live Class Schedule: Tuesdays from 5-7 pm ET

Enrollment Type: Rolling/Running Course – Repeats Every 12 weeks with 1 Week Pause In-Between

26 Live Hours + 26 Self Study Hours:

    • 12 Live Module Hours (2 hrs per week)
    • Zoom sessions will include training, Q&A sessions, skill reviews, and coaching practice
    • Weekly Family Systems class with Radiant (2 required)
    • 2 Individual Mentor Sessions with flexible timings
    • 12 Online Self-Paced Modules

Family Systems Coach Training Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction to Family Systems Coaching
    • Definitions 
    • Family Unit Dynamics
    • D.E.P.T.H Model
  • Module 2: The Individual (Part 1): Caretaker Coaching
    • Self Discovery
    • Trauma-Aware
    • Environmental Influences
    • Values
  • Module 3: The Individual (Part 2): Youth Coaching
    • Self Discovery
    • Sibling Position
    • Environmental Influences
    • Values
  • Module 4: Emotional Response Systems
    • Teen + Parental Stressors 
    • Attachment
    • Emotional Cutoff
    • Regulation Tools

More Modules


  • Module 5: Exploring the Family Unit
    • Cognitive Empathy
    • Learning Styles
    • Bridging Generational Gaps
    • Parentification 
  • Module 6: Path Toward Common Ground (Part 1)
    • Communication
    • 5 Cs of Cultivating a Common Ground
    • Change the Narrative
    • Empowerment + Self Leadership
  • Module 7: Path Toward Common Ground (Part 2)
    • Expectations
    • Boundaries
    • Ownership
    • Trust + Safety
  • Module 8: Tackling Tough Topics
    • Divorce + Blended Families
    • Trauma
    • Safe Spaces
    • Power Struggles + Understanding Control

Remaining Modules


  • Module 9: Tools for Tough Topics
    • Mutual Respect
    • Creative Thinking
    • Creative Problem Solving
    • Family Coaching Worksheets + Games
  • Module 10: Cultivating a Healthy Family System
    • Promoting Individual and Family Growth
    • Family Values
    • Family Agreements
    • Unique Family Puzzle
  • Module 11: Family Coaching Models
    • 1-on-1 Youth or Parent Coaching
    • Family Unit Coaching
    • Blended Family Coaching
  • Module 12: Integration
    • Coach Preparedness
    • Boundaries + Safety
    • Liability + Insurance
    • When to Refer/Support

Earn Your




Combining education, practical exercises, and mentor guidance in a supportive student cohort combined with award-winning Radiant Coaches Academy trainers. Achieving a three-in-one qualification ensures top quality for your coaching practice.

Meet the Holistic Trainers

Dez Stephens, PCC 


Business Owner. Dez Stephens is the Founder + CEO of Radiant Coaches Academy (a division of Radiant Health Institute) – a social enterprise and prominent international coach training school that certifies individuals to create vibrant, professional, private practices as holistic life coaches, wellness coaches and business coaches. She is a certified life coach, expert trainer and marketing strategist.

Professional Coaching. Dez has coached professionally since 2005, and in 2012, founded Radiant Coaches Academy and has trained and certified nearly 600 students in 20+ countries. In 2014, her training school earned the prestigious status of offering accredited hours through the International Coach Federation (ICF). In 2017, ICF of Tennessee honored her and her institute with the PRISM Award for the advancement of the coaching profession.

Training. She received her life coach certification from Guiding Mindful Change in 2005, and the University of Transpersonal Theology bestowed her with an honorary doctorate in 2015. Dez also holds a Professional Certified Coach credential through ICF.

Business Coaching. As a business coach, she enjoys coaching entrepreneurs and small businesses, using her innate talent for creating innovative approaches for promotion and for birthing brilliant, achievable ideas. She also has a knack for originating memorable concepts, business names and taglines for her clients.

Author. Dez is the author of The Qualitarian and co-author of Your Radiant Life.

Humanitarian. Dez is passionate and sincere in helping people live more meaningful lives, and she considers herself to be a dedicated global humanitarian and social enterpriser.

Rita Curtis

Rita Curtis is a Certified Holistic Coach specializing in Dynamic Leadership and Family Systems. She lives her life with passion, authenticity, tenacity, and curiosity, with a mission to help others discover the beauty and potential within themselves. Rita combines life lessons learned, tools gathered, and inner depth discovered to transform her life and the lives of her clients. She has helped clients with burnout, finding a work/life balance, developing a healthy routine, and creating time and space for the people and activities that matter most.

Professional: Rita is a Certified Holistic Coach (Radiant Coaches Academy), trained Intuitive Nutrition Coach (Radiant Coaches Academy), and holds a Master’s in Leadership and Management from Western Governors University. She has been a leader in the Corporate business world for over 15 years, specializing in leadership development, business consulting, risk management and mitigation, conflict resolution, and creative problem-solving. 

Personal: Rita grew up on a farm in southwest Missouri, quickly learning the values of hard work, being a lifelong learner, and having a deep appreciation for the people and the world around her. One of her greatest joys is being a step-parent, former foster parent, and adoptive parent. Her experiences with complex family systems have fueled her passion for helping teens and adults navigate unique family dynamics. 

Contact Rita at or book a Zoom chat here.


Tuition Options

$9000 for all three trainings!

Family Systems Coach course by itself is only $3000 for Radiant coaches – and $4000 for the general public.

[Interest-free payments over 25 months]

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