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Why we created it, what you will learn and whether or not it’s the right fit for you.

Now more than ever before, the need for Spiritual Life Coaches is on the rise, so Radiant Coaches Academy has partnered with Jennifer White, Mermedicine Woman, to bring you a brand new and very powerful advanced training certification:  Certified Spiritual Life Coach (CSLC).  

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What is Spiritual Life Coaching?

“Manifest the divinity within you and everything will be harmoniously arranged around it.”  – Swami Vivekananda  


At a foundational level, a Spiritual Life Coach recognizes that relationship with the divine power residing within – Spirit, Soul, the Higher Self (different religions and spiritual paths call it different things), is the sacred thread that runs through every aspect of human life.  

They understand that when their clients feel aligned and connected spiritually, they feel aligned, connected and on purpose within their lives.  

They also understand that regardless of how good things might look from the outside, when their clients feel disconnected spiritually, they feel lost, unfulfilled and overwhelmed in the experience of life.  

So, a Spiritual Life Coach ultimately sets out to support their clients in systematically improving every aspect of their experience by creating safe and sacred space to explore, discover and cultivate an intentional relationship with the divine within.

They answer a higher calling by taking on the sacred and professional responsibility of empowering and holding space for their clients to question, explore and deepen into their individual spiritual paths, to reconnect with their personal inner wisdom and divine nature, and to discover meaning and purpose in the experience of their lives as fully embodied spiritual beings.   

That’s not just
work, it’s a legacy.

Why Train Spiritual Coaches?


Spirituality as an industry has been steadily on the rise for several years now, even before the pandemic, but since the pandemic its growth rate has risen dramatically and is expected to continue growing.

In 2018 it was valued at $1.9 billion USD, in 2022 it was estimated to be worth over $3.6 billion, and between 2023 to 2031 it’s expected to reach over $8.3 billion USD! 

That is some serious growth; and with that level of growth, there is now, and will continue to be, a high level of demand for spiritual coaching – especially high-quality, ethical and credentialed spiritual coaches (I’ll come back to that in a moment).

What’s even more important, however, is what that dramatic growth in the spirituality industry represents — a collective-wide shift in consciousness.

I read in an article written by
KnowledgeCollective for New World Consciousness, that “now more than ever before, there is an emphasis on exploring our own spirituality and rediscovering the influence of being part of a larger cosmic force,” and in my 5 years as a Spiritual Coach, this is exactly what I have witnessed – client after client seeking safe, unencumbered space to explore their unique spiritual paths.

At Radiant, we recognize that as the collective shifts toward a more spiritually open, purpose or values-driven society, there will continue to be a deep need for coaches who are trained specifically to take on that sacred and professional responsibility of empowering and holding space for clients to embark on their own journeys of spiritual and emotional self-discovery.


Let’s face it – we’ve all heard the horror stories about damage caused by so-called “coaches” or “spiritual practitioners,” who lack adequate training or engage in unethical business practices.  

Unfortunately, it’s a real problem, and that’s because both the coaching and spiritual services industries are still relatively young and completely unregulated. It can look and feel a lot like the wild west out there.

Fortunately, there is a solution – support for regulation is on the rise (at this point it’s not an
if, but when), and the best way to heal the coaching community from the bad rap these untrained and unethical “coaches” have created for us, is simply to do it better.

For Radiant, that looks like training and supporting the best, most ethical and professional holistic coaches in the industry, and partnering with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) so when regulation does happen, our coaches will already be legally set up and where they need to be.  

And thankfully, this isn’t new territory for us – we’ve been certifying and credentialing incredible coaches all over the world, for 11 years now.  Credentialing for us, is a no brainer.


There are a handful of great, ICF-accredited coach training programs out there, and a few of them, like Radiant, absolutely take a holistic, spiritual or metaphysical approach to their curriculum; but what we’ve discovered, is that a lot of coaches and healers struggle with reconciling their spiritual, metaphysical or healing practices with the professional expectations and core competencies of the ICF.

In fact, it’s such a prevailing issue, that a lot of spiritual or metaphysical practitioners choose to bypass credentialing and/or coach training all together because they feel like they have to choose one or the other – which is simply not the case.

Radiant’s Spiritual Life Coach Certification is our answer to that problem. 

Our curriculum was intentionally designed to support you with the ethical and responsible integration of your spiritual, metaphysical or healing practice with your professional coaching certification and credential.

No more confusion – we will literally walk you through each of the ICF core competencies and help you apply them to your personal practice, so you can become the best, most professional, ethical, and effective spiritual coach you can be.


Yep, that’s right.  You asked for a Spiritual Coach Certification, we heard you, and now we’re giving you one.  

How’s that for the power of collective manifestation?

What You Will Learn?


You can view our basic course outline here, so I won’t bore you by regurgitating all of the details right here, right now, but here’s an overview of what you can expect: 

In the first 3 Modules, you will DISCOVER:

  • What Spiritual Life Coaching is, and what it’s not;
  • Who Spiritual Life Coaching is for, and what they can expect;
  • What kind of Spiritual Life Coach you want to be, and
  • What unique gifts and medicine you bring to the table;
  • We’ll even deep dive into workshopping your personal Mission, Vision and Values as a Spiritual Life Coach  

We’ll spend the next 10 Modules focused on LEARNING about:

  • The ICF Core Competencies as they apply specifically to Spiritual Life Coaching
  • How to confidently and effectively lead Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions, and
  • How to adapt to the needs of your clients

While also EXPLORING:

  • Tools and practices for deepening your own spiritual practice, 
  • Cultivating your intuition, and
  • Facilitating growth and awareness for your clients

And throughout the process you will EXPERIENCE live coaching and personal mentorship to help you DEVELOP the skills, confidence and experience you’ll need to craft a unique, sacred and successful coaching practice that is just the right fit for you.

We’ve even included some great Soul-Led Business Development and Marketing content that specifically addresses entry-level business practices and logistical considerations for the Spiritual Life Coach, so getting started won’t have to feel so overwhelming.

And as if that wasn’t enough on it’s own, when paired with Radiant’s ICF Level 2 Accredited, Holistic Coach Certification, you will literally have everything you need to become a confident, competent, dual-certified, PCC-credentialed Holistic Coach (CHC) and Spiritual Life Coach (CSLC).

That’s pretty amazing and exactly what I wish had been available for me when I was just setting out on this journey.  (That’s probably why I’m so passionate about making it available for each of you.)

What’s the difference?


If you’re already familiar with Radiant’s incredible selection of Advanced Training offerings, then I’m sure you’re wondering about the difference between the Spiritual Life Coach certification (CSLC) and the Soul-Alchemy Coach Certification (CSAC), previously listed as the Metaphysical Coach certification (CMC).  

Of course you are, it has been one of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received since we launched the two programs; and t
o be fair, they do sound a lot alike…

In some ways they are.

But here’s the fundamental difference:

  • Soul Alchemy Coach Training focuses on developing your personal intuitive, psychic and metaphysical gifts and understanding how to utilize them as a professional coach, while 
  • Spiritual Life Coach Training focuses on how to integrate and weave those personal gifts into a professional coaching practice with an emphasis on how to support the spiritual growth and development of your clients.

The two programs are actually very complementary to one another.  In fact, many students have pointed out that the Soul Alchemy Coach certification can be an incredible precursor to the Spiritual Life Coach certification, and the other way around.

I absolutely agree.

How Will You Learn It?


The Spiritual Life Coach certification is an ever-evolving curriculum that can be worked through at your own pace, and is currently open for enrollment.


The curriculum includes 15 Gamified Online Learning Modules utilizing myQuest Online Learning Platform and consisting of multimedia written, audio and video lessons, exercises, printable transcripts, and extracurricular resources.


The foundational content for this course is delivered via that myQuest Journey, however, the nuance and the expression of one’s personal experience in the course will unfold over 25 hours of live training calls.

Currently those calls consist of trainer led discussions on a variety of Spiritual Life Coach topics, open Q&A and Sacred Sharing Circles, where we go deep and get personal with your experience of the material and how it applies to real life and your real business. and are offered 2-3 times each week.

We did this for 3 reasons:

  1. We wanted to make it super easy for students to meet their live CSLC hours requirement even if they had to miss a few for whatever reason.
  2. We wanted to be able to support our CSLC graduates with ongoing training and development long after their certification is complete; and 
  3. We wanted to make ongoing support around Spiritual Life Coaching accessible to all Radiant Students.So, yes — technically, you don’t have to take the entire certification if you just have a few SLC related questions here and there; all Radiant students are welcome to explore with us during our Spiritual Life Coach All Access Zoom Calls and our weekly Sacred Sharing Circles.                       


And finally, because we know that every individual coach’s practice will be unique to them and unfold in their own way, we’ve also decided to include 3 one-on-one private mentor sessions with me — an experienced and credentialed Spiritual Life and Business Coach, Professional Coach Trainer, Content Creator and practicing MerMedicine Woman; for each of our Spiritual Life Coach students, to support them more completely.

Who is the Spiritual Life Coach Certification For?

Well, to be frank – If you’ve taken the time to read this entire article, chances are, this certification is for you; but just in case you need further confirmation, here’s a more formalized list of individuals who might be a good candidate for CSLC certification:

  • COACHES & INDIVIDUALS who have developed a strong sense of connection with the divine and who feel drawn to help others on their own spiritual journeys;
  • COACHES & INDIVIDUALS who have overcome religious or spiritual conditioning or trauma and want to support others through similar struggles;
  • HEALERS, METAPHYSICAL PRACTITIONERS & ENERGY WORKERS who want to weave their spiritual service modalities through a professional coaching practice;
  • SPIRITUAL OR FAITH-BASED TEACHERS & CONTENT CREATORS who want to add professional coaching to their list of offerings; and
  • INTUITIVE COACHES OR INDIVIDUALS who may not even know why they should join the course, they just FEEL like they need to be here (because they absolutely do, it’s a thing).   

And finally, whether you are a:

  • Current Radiant Student
  • Radiant Graduate
  • Other Certified Coach, or 
  • Starting from scratch

We’ve got you covered.  

If you are a new student or professional coach certified through another agency or coach training program, you can enroll in our
3-in-1 CREDENTIALED COACH certification to earn your dual-certification as a Holistic Coach (CHC), Spiritual Life Coach (CSLC) and your ICF Credential all in one shot.  

You also have the option to take the Spiritual Life Coach Certification as a STAND ALONE COURSE – which is great for current Radiant Students and Graduates who want to expand their knowledge, or for anyone looking to earn CCE Training Hours toward your ICF credential or renewal.

And no matter which path you decide to take, the next step is super easy…

Your Next Step:


If you’re ready to dive in or if you have any questions about Holistic Coaching, the ICF or our 3-in-1 Certification, you can email our founder and lead trainer, Dez Stephens, at Dez@RadiantCoaches.com

If you have content related questions, or inquiry specifically for me or about the Spiritual Life Coach certification, you can email me, Jennifer White, at radiant@mermedicine.com.

Ready to take the next step in your coaching journey? Whether you’re interested in becoming a certified life coach, exploring holistic coaching, or specializing in health and wellness coaching, we have the right program for you. Check out our ICF accredited programs to become a certified coach in various niches such as business coaching and life coaching. Start your path to success today!
You can also check out our website to learn more about
Holistic Coach Training, Spiritual Life Coach Training, or our other Specialized Coach Trainings

We can’t wait to dive in with you.

Jennifer White, MerMedicine Woman and
Coach Trainer at Radiant Coaches Academy (USA)




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