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Illuminating Your Coaching Path with ICF Accreditation

Radiant shines as the beacon for coaches seeking ICF accreditation. Our certified coaches, adept in their craft, offer personalized guidance to foster growth and excellence. With a steadfast commitment to ICF standards, we provide comprehensive support and cutting-edge resources.

At Radiant, we’re more than just coaches; we’re dedicated partners in your journey to ICF accreditation.

  • Access to experienced professionals with ICF accreditation
  • Tailored coaching aligned with ICF standards
  • Comprehensive programs covering all aspects of ICF coaching
  • Engaging sessions and practical exercises for skill development
  • Continuous support and resources for ongoing growth

Our Accreditations & Recognitions

Basic Curriculum Subjects

The Art of Active Listening

Learn the different types of listening, and which is most effective as a tool in your coaching toolkit.

Boundaries and Body Language

Discover how to read your clients’ body language to dial in on what’s really going on, and how to discern when it’s time to refer a client out to a mental healthcare professional.

Coaching versus Counseling

Ascertain what you need to know about the differences between these two modalities—and why it’s critical you don’t err on the side of counseling without a license!

Holistic Paradigms

Understand the importance of addressing every part of a person’s life or business and why it benefits your clients, empowering them to improve their results.


The more you learn about yourself—and our trainees often rave about how much they develop personally and professionally—the more quickly you’ll progress as a coach and as a business owner.

Creating Sacred Spaces

Learn the art of setting up an energetic and/or physically safe place for you and your clients—and why it’s important for your clients and your practice.

Taking the Client's Lead

Discover why it’s crucial that you do not take the lead—and what to do instead, so your clients can find the answers they’re seeking.

Asking versus Telling

Learn why it’s important NOT to give your clients advice (no matter how tempting it is, at times!)—and what to do, instead, to bring forth your clients’ inner wisdom.

Goals and Accountability

Gain a proven process for helping clients figure out what they truly want, and then, taking action to get there. (This is one of the most rewarding aspects of coaching!)

Authenticity and Presence

Understand the role of authenticity in coaching—and why it’s essential if you want your clients to align with their deepest desires and truest selves.

Setting Up a Private Practice

Find out what it takes to “set up shop” as a professional coach. Learn about insurance, liability, retainers, intakes, salaries, packages, outcalls, deliverability, regulations, policies and more.


We’ll teach you exactly how to find leads and convert them to clients, so you can grow your business (and how to have fun doing it)! This sets us apart from other coaching training.

All Level trainings include 80 percent ICF-accredited training hours (core competencies) and 20 hours of ICF-approved resource development hours. Half of your total hours are “live” (synchronous) and the other half are “self-study” including homework, practicums and our online self-paced course.

Welcome to Radiant!

An international coach training school established in 2012

Holistic Coaching

Elevate your life through comprehensive transformation with our Holistic Coaching.

Radiant Retreats

Discover your inner radiance and transform your life with Radiant Retreats coaching.

Meaningful Media

Empower your media journey with Meaningful Media coaching for impactful storytelling.

Step Into Coaching in Less Than a Year!

Our students are typically certified within six months and credentialed within three months afterward.

The training is all self-paced with optional in-person international weeklong retreats.

Discover Holistic Coaching

Start working toward a career you’ll love and one that empowers you to create exactly the lifestyle you want.

Join the multi-billion-dollar coaching industry and the new generation of holistic coaches who are changing the world by inspiring balance and accountability in the wellness, business, relationships, finances and more!

Become a Certified Holistic Coach and credentialed by the International Coaching Federation to begin empowering your clients to create pure transformation and harmony across all areas of their lives, their health and their businesses.

Why Choose Us

Begin Your Coaching Journey

Lifetime Attendance

We have “forever-free trainings” meaning that you'll never be booted out of our online course, online communities or in-person experiences.

24/7 Support

Our online classes are throughout the day (and night) depending on where you live since we have students from all over the world!

Mobile Friendly

Our live Zoom classes are accessible via any mobile device and you can run your professional coaching practice from your phone!

Start Today!

There’s no waitlist or waiting for a new cohort to start. You begin when you’re ready and graduate at your pace.

Tuition Options

Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Reviews from our Graduates

“Radiant Coaches Academy is such a balm to my soul. It is an incredibly supportive, nourishing, and welcoming space for coaches...

Lana Joe California (USA)

“I would highly recommend Radiant Coaches Academy as a space to continue to learn and develop your passions related to your coaching practice and the skills associated with it...

Nick Reich Indiana (USA)

“I’ve loved being a part of Radiant Coaches Academy. It is truly a community of coaches who are continually helping each other succeed...

Rachael Ami England (UK)

“Radiant Coaches Academy changed my life. When I made the decision to switch from accounting to life coaching, the enormous selection of coaching schools overwhelmed me...

Dinah Wong Slattery Washington (USA)

“My time at Radiant Coaches Academy has been truly transformative. The warm and accepting atmosphere created by the community made me feel instantly at home...

Dani Kaun Wisconsin (USA)

“I am so thankful to all of the coaches here at Radiant. Not on time have I had a question that was unanswered. Not only were all of my questions answered, but also answered in a very timely manner...

Leighna Jouett Tennessee (USA)

Radiant Directors + Ambassadors

Dez Stephens


Dez Stephens

North America

Hayley Finamore, PCC
Director of Development


Rita Curtis, PCC
Director of Operations


Izabela Marié
Education Ambassador

Asia + The Middle East

Binu Prasadd
Education Ambassador

Latin America

Matilde Torres
Education Ambassador


Jesutomi Fanimokun
Education Director

Radiant Family


Frequently asked questions

ICF stands for the International Coaching Federation. It is a globally recognized organization that sets standards for the coaching profession and offers accreditation to coaches who meet their rigorous criteria.

The professional coaching industry is only 55 or so years old in the US so we're not yet regulated and don't require a license to coach. Basically, anyone can call themselves a coach which is why it's vital to be highly trained to support people in their lives. Also, regulation is coming!

Certification comes from us, a Radiant diploma designating your ICF-accredited hours from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) since we hold a Level 1 + 2 + 3 accreditation from them. Next comes credentialing with a diploma from ICF designating that you attended an accredited school and requires logging hours and taking an exam.

We do extensive marketing training and support including a free webpage to kickstart your coaching practice. Whether it's social media, SEO, programs + packages, websites, online courses, authoring, podcasting, blogging, vlogging, networking, etc. – we help with all of it!
Within weeks of starting your training with us, you will feel confident enough to begin establishing your prices and asking for what you're worth. You can even charge for your practicum sessions!

Radiant Coaches Academy was formed in 2012, and we have over 1000 students in over 25 countries in over 10 languages. Approximately 10 trainees are in each of our Zoom classes – and about a dozen students attend our in-person retreats.

Yes! The International Coaching Federation surveys tens of thousands of professional coaches and their recent survey showed that the average hourly rate (in the USA) is $272 per hour. “Full-time” coaching is approximately 15 hours per week and (conservatively) earns you $100k yearly. Plus, we have other forms of income!

We are a progressive school in many ways, diverse and inclusive to say the least. As all ICF-accredited schools, we follow a strict core-competency model, but we also teach expansive modalities like Human Design, Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, Constellations, Narrative Enneagram, Intuition Development and more. Also, we are female- and queer-owned!



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