holistic YOGA retreat

Pushkar, Rajasthan, India

Pushkar, India
Only 22 Spots Available!

March 23-30, 2024

We are accommodating 22 special guests.

Come Relax in India!

    8 Day/7-Night Stay – includes retreat but not food or flights

    Celebrate Holi on March 24th

    Only $997 (usd) per person!

    Your Co-Hosts

    Izabela Maric is the founder of Verbasana yoga studio in Zagreb, Croatia.

    In Verbasana Studio, she is teaching Hatha Vinyasa yoga classes, Vinyasa flow, Prenatal and Postnatal yoga, Yoga for Mums and Babies, as well as Kids yoga. She is organizing and leading yoga retreats in Croatia and India.

    She is a strong believer that you are the designer of your life, the author of your reality and the creator of your world and she’s looking forward to helping you on your journey to reconnect with more authentic self and guide you to build a life rooted in self-love, filled with purpose and joy through yoga, meditation and holistic coaching.

    Binu Prasadd is a Holistic Mindset Coach, practicing meditation and yoga for over a decade. Binu hails from India, the land of Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation.

    Binu is a humble, calm, inspiring individual with deeper wisdom in his understanding of life in general. The other side of Binu is that he has lived over 30 years of his life in corporate world of Human resources in leadership roles across India and Middle East.

    He has successfully coached and mentored students, executives, business personnel, parents, young boys and girls, elderly personnel, friends in managing mindset, emotions, energies, work life balances, clarity and goal setting.

    Binu is a trainer in mindfulness meditation and practices simple yogic exercises, Reiki and energy healing methods for adding value to his clients.

    Push the reset button on life and heal the soul.

    At Radiant Retreats, we believe in getting away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and into a serene environment dedicated to what we call “radical relaxation” and inner growth.

    For people seeking more than just a vacation (parents, corporate executives, caregivers, and entrepreneurs), Radiant Retreats provides a powerful opportunity for pushing the reset button on life and healing the soul.

    That’s why we host a variety of Radiant Retreats designed to provide the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional space for people to unwind, soul-search, commune with nature, and practice self-care.

    Every Radiant Retreat provides you with an escape from everyday life, and helps you find or reconnect with your soul’s purpose. They give you a chance to unwind, completely relax, find clarity, and experience deep happiness while also exploring self-actualization, self-love, and self-forgiveness (depending on the specific event.)

    We also pamper you by including activities like yoga, meditation, group coaching circles, massages, energy healing, and more.

    Why Choose Radiant Retreats?

    World-class practitioners facilitate every Radiant Retreat.

    We carefully select our retreat locations for their relaxing atmosphere, safety, natural settings, and cultural experiences.

    Learn how to truly take care of yourself by allowing us to fully care of you!

    Each of our healing retreats is a completely immersive experience for those who know their spirit is asking for a sacred place in which it can be nurtured and loved.

    Radiant Retreats are for those who seek a true spiritual awakening.

    What if you could walk away from a Radiant Retreat knowing your life’s true purpose—what your soul is meant to do in this life?

    Discover the person you were meant to be all along! Intuitive practitioners take you on a powerful journey of self-discovery that leads you to “remember” the person you really are.

    Food & Drink

    Meals Not Included

    India Awaits You

    Treat Yourself!

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