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Radiant is committed to making a difference where it is needed most.

About Radiant Coaches Academy

Our Commitments

As a social enterprise, Radiant Coaches Academy is committed to becoming an agent of social change. We are committed to truly making a difference – not just noticing what differences need to be made.

Our Radiant Initiatives

Melanie Gissell Foundation
Radiant Education Project

Melanie Gissell Foundation

The Melanie Gissell Foundation supports Latin Americans with grief recovery coaching programs and partnerships. This impactful initiative provides coaching and support for local youth and families.

The Melanie Gissell Foundation is a reference organization in the field of the management of grieving processes, committed to supporting individuals, families, and society through a comprehensive grief recovery program. We provide emotional and spiritual support to people who have suffered the loss of a loved one…allowing them to find hope, health, and renewed happiness.


Radiant Education Project (REP)

We are committed to leadership coaching and development with international students who want to become great leaders in their communities and beyond. Radiant Coaches Academy provides “Radiant Education Program” full scholarships to become Certified Holistic Coaches.

To date, Radiant Education Programs have donated over $5M and have 300+ trainees and graduates. 

Current REP Locations:

  • REP on the REZ
  • REP Central America
  • REP Europe
  • REP Asia
  • REP Middle East
  • REP Africa

Our REP Programs are Global

REP Central America

Programs in Honduras established in 2012, Panama established in 2016, and Costa Rica established in 2020.
rep on the rez logo

REP on the Rez

Native American Reservations + Canadian Reserves

REP Europe

Established in 2021, our REP Croatia project has expanded to holistic coach training and retreats.

REP Africa

Our African program was established in 2019.

REP Asia

Programs currently in Malaysia, established in 2020.

REP Middle East

Programs in Bangladesh and Dubai established in 2021.


A Global Impact

"The Radiant Education Project is a beacon of hope where it matters most. Among the places it illuminates is Croatia, Europe. Radiant extends a lifeline to those who might otherwise be left in the shadows - offering free scholarships and affordable, accessible professional holistic coach training. Radiant Coaches Academy's mission transcends borders, reaching new markets internationally where coaching remains scarce. The result is a holistic coaching certification that opens doors and ignites gratitude for boundless opportunities. Thank you, Radiant!"
Izabela Marić
Certified Holistic Coach
"I found my true calling through the Radiant Education Program, discovering a path I was born for. Alongside its invaluable resources like mentoring and coaching, Radiant empowered me to confidently embrace multiple roles: as a nonprofit founder, a mom business owner, and a community health worker. The coaching skills I gained from Radiant have been instrumental in my journey, enabling me to reach out and support not only myself but also others around me. It's not just about a career; it's about holistic coaching that equips everyone with the tools they need to thrive. Radiant isn't just a program; it's a transformative experience."
Parisa Ally, PCC
Certified Holistic Coach
"Radiant Coaches Academy has been such a blessing! The online modules are easy to follow and the zoom calls are such a great way to connect, communicate, ask questions, and build community with fellow students and coaches. Dez Stephens is an amazing coach and leader, and it shows with all the other coaches being so well-informed and good at what they do."
Ashley Heugatter
Trained Holistic Coach
"Radiant Coaches REP initiatives has benefited me in endless ways. Teaching me the importance of my Self-Care, body ,mind and soul. It has provided me with knowledge to heal from grief, and I have built a community of like minded, open hearts willing to share their own experiences and support me on my journey. Grateful to be part of REP Costa Rica."
Schatzi Stiens
Trained Holistic Coach


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