“I believe that you are the designer of your life, the author of your reality, the creator of your world. And I would like to empower you to live a life you truly desire.”

Taking care of yourself is important because it is the key to finding balance both within ourselves and outside.

Taking care of yourself has been shown to reduce or eliminate anxiety and depression, reduce stress, improve concentration, reduce frustration and anger, increase happiness, improve energy and more.

I would like to list four aspects that I have implemented in my lifestyle, which have been proven to help with depression and bad mood.



Ayurveda recommends eating warm, lightly spicy and cooked foods. A teaspoon of Chyawanprasha every morning will increase energy, strengthen immunity and inner strength during the winter. It is best to drink pure spring water, ginger and lemon tea and golden milk.



Sleep at least eight hours a day. It’s not just about how many hours you sleep; but also at what time you go to sleep. It is best to go to bed and wake up at the same time. The perfect time is from 10pm to 6am. Relax before bed in a warm bath, reading or listening to soft music. Guided relaxation (yoga nidra) can be done once a week. It will reduce anxiety and stress.



If you don’t have more time, practicing yoga for 20 minutes a day is enough. Gentle and comfortable stretching or walking outdoors. Exercise is the most effective way to improve your mood. Our body knows what it needs. Always listen to your body.



Take time for affirmations to train your mind to think positively. We create our reality with our thoughts. Daily meditation also helps. Choose a time to meditate, find a quiet place, settle in comfortably and you can start with just five minutes a day. Focus on the breath.


At a time when the ‘moment for yourself’ has become a luxury that few can afford, it is necessary to draw attention to its importance again.


Bring your breathing to its normal rhythm as you settle into this self care meditation,

And simply be here with your breath for a bit.

Feeling your body expand with your breath in.

And contract with your breath out.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

You are worthy of receiving love from yourself.

You are worthy of being your priority.

You are worthy of receiving the love and appreciation and care you so easily give to others.

You are worthy of enjoying this self care meditation.

Breathe that in, allowing yourself to be open to receiving your love.

You deserve to feel good.

You deserve to shine.

Let the light inside of you recognize the light inside of you.


Dr. Leslie Shew, Life Strategies Coach, Holistic Wellness Coach, and nutritional consultant

Izabela Maric, certified yoga teacher and yoga therapist, certified holistic life coach, indologist, president of Croatian Yoga Federation, founder of Verbasana yoga studio in Zagreb, Croatia, Europe. 

As part of the Verbasana yoga center, we organize a yoga retreat several times a year, which is intended for everyone who wants to relax and recharge their batteries and spend time in peace and nature.


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