Sovereignty Coach Jessica Anderson

“This lifetime is Sacred. Your experience here is one of Holy Ceremony.”

An Ode to Essence

About Jessica

I became a Holistic Coach because I am passionate about what it means to be a Sovereign Being. So much of my life, I accepted and believed in a “reality” in which I felt powerless. The old paradigms were so woven into my experience, that I forgot who I really AM. Throughout my journey, I have awakened to a Remembering. Remembering my Truth. Remembering my Power. Remembering my Mission, which is to help others Remember too! What are you seeking to Remember? Are you ready to claim your Power? Are you ready to step into your Sovereignty?

Testimonials for Jessica

“My experience was very positive, I now have a understanding of the path that I want to take with my photography.” – Sheena


“It was a very eye opening experience being able to look deep within myself, and see what I feel at my core. It was wonderful being able learn about myself without the voices of others telling me what my answers should be. Jessica also was very open to letting me talk fully and completely and there was no judgement at any time within the session. I was able to truly figure out what is it that I want and what would make me happy.” – Brittney 

“Jessica was very insightful. Her patient and calm demeanor allowed me to process my thoughts and feel comfortable when talking to her. She guided me- I was able pull out some blockages that I’ve been experiencing with procrastination. Jessica challenged me to challenge myself- which I gracefully accepted!” – Jazzy 

“Jessica listened intently and picked up on repetitive language during our session. She was able to use this to create two visualizations that helped me to see my own blocks and develop my plan for removing them. In just 60 minutes, I was able to vividly see a clearer path and create my path forward.” – Paula

“Jessica has this incredible ability to coach while holding a sacred space. She is kind, compassionate, mindful and listens with her heart. I felt very listened to while I also felt very nurtured. Jessica helped me shift pretty quickly from a state of resentment to a state of acceptance.” – Dez 

“Our session went wonderful! Jessica uses a fun coaching technique that helped me break down what I was struggling with, bring light to it and then create a solution. It’s so easy to talk to her, I look forward to another future session.” – Katie S.

“The coaching experience with Jessica has been super powerful and rich. The conversation has been gentle and very comfortable even talking about an uncomfortable subject. I really appreciated our time together and I left the call feeling empowered and enlighted. Thank you Jessica!” – Linda A.

“Jessica is a beautiful soul who made me feel seen & heard. She brought clarity to my blocks and helped me identify a different perspective to transform my reality. I left the session feeling inspired, empowered, and intrigued by new insights. I am truly grateful!” – Bren O.

“My session with Jessica was excellent! We covered a variety of topics that I’ve been struggling with. She asked thought provoking questions and gave me great suggestions of worksheets I could do to track my progress.” – Kesley

“Jessica was able to share just enough of her own experience with me so that I could tell she really understood. Her open-ended questions gave ma lot of space to explore, in a safe atmosphere of understanding and clarity.” – Davis

“With Jessica’s Quantum Coaching format in just an hour the issue I was stuck on opened up so I’m looking at it in a while new way. Jessica’s warmth and depth made this a fun and enlightening experience.” – Sada 

“My coaching session with Jessica felt very safe, I had no concern about opening up with her. She also helped me drop my stress and control, and feel hopeful about my difficult situation.” – Ashley

“Jessica is a very talented coach. She did a great job at noticing the root of what I was discussing and picked moments to ask deep and thought provoking questions. I left the session excited about the challenge that I was previously really worried about. I also felt extremely lighter and like I had released tension and worries I didn't know I was previously carrying.” – Samantha

Professional Coach Training

Jessica is a trained holistic coach through Radiant Coaches Academy

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Hourly Sessions

1 session – $129
3 sessions – $369
5 sessions – $591