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Please know that love heals. We are here to accompany you on the road of grief…transforming the pain…in love. The Melanie Gissell Foundation is a reference organization in the field of the management of grieving processes, committed to supporting individuals, family and society through a comprehensive grief recovery program. We provide emotional and spiritual support to people who have suffered the loss of a loved one…allowing them to find hope, health and renewed happiness.

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Melanie Gissell
Gómez Torres

Melanie was born on September 14, 1998, in San Pedro Sula, Honduras – the fruit of the loving marriage of Omar Gómez and Matilde Torres. Since she was born, she filled her home with joy, being the first-born in a family with three siblings.

She grew up surrounded by the love and care of her parents. From an early age, she was characterized by being enthusiastic, loyal, friendly, intelligent, God-loving, affectionate and exemplary with her siblings and friends.

Melanie stood out throughout her school years as a student of academic excellence and admirable personality. She was an active member of the Children and Youth Communicators Network of her hometown of San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

She was a lover of music, and her dreams were to be a singer, a designer, and to build a building for poor children and adults. She also dreamed of having a home and family of her own someday. 

Melanie, a shining light, was full of many altruistic yearnings. She tragically died on January 28 (2008) at the age of 10, the result of a fatal car accident.

Her brother, Omar, and sister, Sofía, with the support of their parents, continue her legacy by being part of the Children and Youth Communicators Network of San Pedro Sula.

The Melanie Gissell Foundation was set up in her honor and vows to provide extensive support to other families who have lost precious loved ones. 

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Pain Recovery + Grief Recovery Coaching for Central Americans

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The Gómez Torres Family

Matilde Torres, Omar Alejandro Gómez TorresSofia Gómez and Omar Gómez

"Precious Child" Song

“I wrote this song to honor my nephew Paul, who ‘left too soon,’ at age 21. I’m honored that it has been adopted by the Melanie Gissell Foundation, The Compassionate Friends and other groups and individuals.” ~ Karen Taylor Good

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Dayana Figueroa Mairena

Volunteer at the Melanie Gissell Foundation since 2017

“I learned about the Foundation thanks to my work as a news reporter. I had the opportunity to interview Matilde, president of the Melanie Gissell Foundation, and since then I have captured the work they do and that innate gift of service in each member of the Gómez Torres family.” – Dayana

Dez Stephens

Cofounder of the Melanie Gissell Foundation since 2017

“I am honored to be a co-founding member of the Melanie Gissell Foundation. We keep Melanie's memory alive by giving back to community members. This is exactly how Melanie would want us to be.” – Dez

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We appreciate your generous donation to the Melanie Gissell Foundation in order to support families who are grieving the loss of a precious family member. 

All donations are tax-deductible because the Melanie Gissell Foundation is a registered international nongovernmental organization (NGO). 

The Melanie Gissell Foundation is an official member of international nonprofit organization, The Compassionate Friends.

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