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Radiant Mentor Program

Ready to begin your mentoring sessions within our program? Whether you’re still in your certification process or you’re ready to begin your credentialing process, you can start your mentor sessions at anytime in the process!

Your 10 mentor sessions are included in your Radiant tuition. 7 of them are group mentoring sessions and 3 are individual.

After you’ve completed your group mentor sessions, please book your individual sessions below.

Mentor sessions need to be completed in a minimum of 3 months. You are unable to complete your mentor sessions quicker than that.

We offer 2 ICF Group Mentor classes every week:
Every Monday at 7pm ET
Every Friday at 12pm ET

Our Group Mentor Coaches

Trey Henderson, PCC
Radiant Facilitator

Group Mentor Coaching
Monday's at 7pm ET

Rita Curtis, PCC
Director of Operations

Group Mentor Coaching
Friday's at 12pm ET

Ready for Your Individual Mentor Sessions?

Meet Our One-on-One Mentor Coaches

Rita Curtis, PCC

1:1 Mentor Coaching

Radiant Students

10 mentor sessions are included with your tuition.

  • 7 of those are within a group format and 3 are one-on-one
  • When you’re ready for your one-on-ones, book a session with Rita at their links above
  • If you would like your 3 individual sessions to be in our group classes, just send a request and we’ll put it on the schedule!

Looking for more mentoring after the 10 sessions?

That’s what makes Radiant Coaches Academy so great! Even after you’ve completed your 10 mentor sessions, you’re always welcome to continue to receive mentoring within the group mentoring classes that are offered each week!

For additional program resources check out our program page here:

We'd love your feedback!

Please fill out this form to let us know how our Mentor Program did. We welcome all feedback regarding our group and individual mentor sessions.



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