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New Earth


3 Trainings in One!

1.  New Earth + Integrative Life Coach Certification
2.  Holistic Coach Certification
3.  International Coach Federation Credential


Radiant Coaches Academy offers accredited hours from the International Coaching Federation in conjunction with a New Earth Coach Certification and an overall Holistic Coach Certification + Credential.

“We’re all just walking each other home.” ~ Ram Dass

Online Training 

Three Qualifications in One!

Start Date: January 11, 2024
Closed Container – Enrollment Period Open Now Until Dec 31, 2023
Weekly Zoom Meetings:
Thursdays at 11am-1pm ET

The Invitation:
Be Courageously Contrasting!


Is your heart longing to be in service to those who are ready to say YES to their calling in the co-creation of a new world rooted in an abundance of love, joy, and bliss? Then this course is for you!

Come unleash your wholeness! Join me on a walk between the Worlds as we connect to Source, return to Self, & integrate into Society, birthing your uniquely authentic medicine in this harmonious dance we call life.

New Earth Coach Certification

The Commitment:
Embark on a journey of Self discovery and actualization through integration and embodiment practices and receive:

12 Weeks of Intimate, Interactive, Co-creative Zoom Calls

12 Weeks of Community Support for Independent Practice & Integration

1 Personal Embodiment & Attunement Channeled Session with Bren

Through curiosity, spontaneity, and love you will learn how to talk the talk AND walk the walk so you can support others on their journey home.

Holistic Coach Training

• 175-hour online course hours
• Comprehensive syllabus
• Quest Self-Study Online Platform
• Videos and Worksheets
• Extensive Resource Center
• Get published in an anthology
• Ongoing supportive coaching feedback
• ICF Ethics Course Certificate
• 10+ hours of PCC mentoring
• Credential from the ICF

New Earth Training Modules

-New Moon Magick – Manifest through Inspired Action vs. Required Action
-Collective Perspective: The Totality of Duality, The Four Agreements
-Full Moon Magick – Release, Repair, & Rebuild with the help of the Moon
-Earth Medicine – The Power of Sacred Plants

-Seeing the Shadow – Projections, Reflections, & Introspections
-Releasing stories of Shame, Blame, and Guilt – From Fear & Separation to Love and Oneness
-Reprogramming through Reparenting – Polyvagal Theory, Parts Work, Coregulation
-Secure, Authentic Relationships – Identify Insecure Attachment Patterns, Prioritize Authentic Self, Embody Secure Attachment Patterns

-Boundaries – Integration of Anger, the Inner Critic, and Sacred Masculine
-Love In Action – Power of Words, Medicine vs. Venom, Heart Opening Language
-Creating Community, As Within, So Without – Finding Unity with Source, Self, and Society
-New Earth Frequency Attunement – Universal Language Transmission

Earn Your




Return to Source, Self, and Society

A coach's journey of discovery and actualization

Meet Your Trainers

Dez Stephens, PCC


Dez is the Founder + CEO of Radiant Coaches Academy (a division of Radiant Health Institute) – a social enterprise and prominent international coach training school that certifies individuals to create vibrant, professional, private practices as holistic life coaches, wellness coaches and business coaches. She is a certified life coach, expert trainer and marketing strategist.

Dez has coached professionally since 2005, and in 2012, founded Radiant Coaches Academy and has trained and certified nearly 600 students in 20+ countries. In 2014, her training school earned the prestigious status of offering accredited hours through the International Coach Federation (ICF). In 2017, ICF of Tennessee honored her and her institute with the PRISM Award for the advancement of the coaching profession.

Author. Dez is the author of The Qualitarian and co-author of Your Radiant Life.


Bren Olson

Bren is a medicine woman, self-care practitioner, heart walker, and consciousness critic. As an embodiment of the Divine Mother, she holds grace and compassion in her core. With unconditional love for all of Earth’s children, she brings an innate passion and ability to nurture and care for others through her mysticism, mediumship, and mastery. 

Bren is also a visionary entrepreneur in the natural food and cosmetic industry. Her personal and family struggles guided her to holistic healing and the launch of ALTER native, LLC., a health & wellness marketplace providing seekers of holistic healing with products, education, and services to support their journey. Through her services, Bren is a conduit for empowering you on your journey to harmony and happiness.

Her specialties include liberation, empowerment, spirituality, energy healing, alchemy, emotional intelligence, relationships, health & wellness, holistic coaching, intuition, nutrition, creative cooking, natural alternatives, applied kinesiology, CBD, and entheogens.


Contact Bren

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@effortlessly.unfolding (IG)

Tuition Options

$9000 for all three trainings!

New Earth Coach course by itself is only $3000 for Radiant coaches – and $4000 for the general public.

[Interest-free payments over 25 months and income-sensitive pricing available]

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