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Become a Certified Holistic Coach accredited and credentialed by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Empower Your Clients to Create Pure Transformation … and Harmony Across All Areas of Their Lives.

Discover Holistic Coaching

Become part of the multi-billion-dollar coaching industry and the new generation of holistic coaches who are changing the world by inspiring balance and accountability in every aspect of life: wellness, health, career, relationships, and finances, to name a few.

The difference between holistic coaching and life coaching:

All coaching niches fall into one of three main categories: life, professional or career, and wellness. Holistic coaching, then, is about how all the elements of a client’s life interact with one another. Therefore, it gives you the opportunity to specialize in any area of coaching, within those three main categories we mentioned above—and when you get certified through Radiant Coaches Academy, we’ll guide you in choosing your specific niche, too!

Our progressive, award-winning holistic coach certification program contains curriculum based on cutting-edge science and business education. We incorporate neuroscience and neuropsychology into our curriculum, as well as business and marketing training. More importantly, we teach differently: we use a strong anecdotal model designed to help people retain more information.

Plus, Radiant Coaches Academy’s Holistic Coach training program is accredited to provide 150 hours of Accredited Coach Training Program hours by the International Coaching Federation! This designation is awarded to programs that meet professional standards for coach training programs established by the ICF, which is the gold standard in the coaching industry.

A quick note of caution: When some coach training schools use the terms, “ICF-approved” or “ICF-certified” to describe their courses, they actually offer ONLY continuing education credits to coaches who have already earned a certification “credential” through ICF. If you’re not yet certified and are looking for a school, be sure the one you select offers ICF-approved certification courses that offer specific ICF-accredited hours (not just continuing education).

Start working toward a career you’ll love … one that empowers you to create exactly the lifestyle you want, earn exactly the income you want (or even income beyond your expectations), and change the world, one person at a time!

 What you can expect from us is not only true, up-to-the-minute expertise about coaching, the industry, and the educational process, but also a passion for (and determination to) ensure you have everything you need to succeed as a coach, from coaching skills and strategies to business and marketing knowledge. It’s our genuine hope that six months from now, you’ll look back on this moment as THE moment you made the best decision ever for your career and your personal growth. Become a Life Coach, Accountability Coach, Business Coach, Wellness Coach, Spiritual Coach, the list goes on. One training that gives you many options to choose from with no extra charge for specializations.

The time is NOW!

Create change for yourself,
then for others!

Radiant Coaches Academy has more than 500+ graduates in 10+ countries internationally now getting paid to do what they love!

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“This training program will essentially change your life! Once you complete it you have all the tools you need to be self-employed. Dez has such a laid back yet effective teaching style making me feel comfortable at each class meeting. She remains available after you finish the program in case you have questions or need help with anything. I feel very supported by her during this process. If you’re thinking of becoming a Certified Holistic Life Coach, I definitely recommend Radiant Health Institute.”


“One of the most important stages in my life was learning to be a Holistic Coach because it led me to find myself. At the same time, it gave me tools and practices that are very useful in my coaching sessions and workshops. I am very blessed to have this very special gift.”


“My experience with Radiant Health Institute was wonderful! The two week training was full of great information on how to develop good coaching and marketing skills. The diversity of the group really helped provide a well rounded perspective on coaching. Dez did a great job of incorporating other modalities that enhance the coaching experience. I highly recommend!”


“The training that I received from Dez Stephens at the Radiant Coaches Academy was absolutely outstanding. I had received a life coaching certification three years ago but the quality of Radiant’s program FAR outweighed the training I had received prior. Radiant’s program provides the proper tools for any coach (with any niche) who desires to provide excellent service to their clients. I am so excited for my next coaching session with my clients as I feel like I am now equipped to be a MUCH better 1-1 coach. The 65 hours of training went by SO FAST. Dez is very good at varying the content and at keeping everyone’s interest. Even when there were parts of the training that didn’t resonate with me as much it was still very interesting for me to learn new ideas! Other parts of the training that I like include: 1) The online support following the in-person coach training. 2) The fact that the 65 hours are accredited ICF coaching hours. 3) The amazing community of Radiant Coaches that I get to meet with on a regular basis. I am very grateful for Dez and the Radiant Coaches Academy for the wonderful Holistic Coach Training!””



“If you are contemplating going through this training program, please don’t hesitate to do so. If you are here, it must be for a reason. When I first came across this program, I felt deeply connected to the cause of helping others to live more holistic lives. In the process, I realized that I was in deep need of the incredible transformation that occurs during this training. The beauty is that you get to impact others with the overflow of all that you receive from Radiant Health Institute.”



“WOW! I had NO idea that coming to a training like this, where I’m supposed’ to be learning more about helping others would give me SO much insight on ME, as the trainee. Trainers Dez and Misti both brought so much healing to my own heart allowing me to feel WAY more confident in my own ability to coach, serve and love on others. During the two weeks, I never felt like I was ‘learning’ from a guidebook. It felt natural, it felt safe, it felt fun and it was SO insightful. This training is so much more than being a life coach, it truly is for ANYONE and EVERYONE wanting to better themselves (and others!)”


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