4 videos for only $997!

Why is this approach better than you shooting your own quick video on your phone?

  • Uh, no noisy neighbor’s lawnmower, no airplane noise, and reliable sound throughout…just for starters.
  • Did you ever record something and notice your trash was overflowing, you looked like an apparition in front of your green screen, or you didn’t know your dog was cleaning his private place behind you?
  • They’ll make sure that doesn’t happen. The interviewer will ask the questions so all you have to do is answer and they will ask follow-up questions to make sure your high impact ideas are clear and compelling.
  • Even more important, you will be speaking to a live audience whom you will meet before the session starts.
  • You will be focused on the audience and that will get you out of your head.
  • It will be a fun engaging conversation that will naturally bring out your passion, brilliance, and personality.

Knowing that video editors and producers charge fees that are similar to coaching fees, we’re getting a good price to have the recording session, all editing, and graphics for less than $250 per video. Not only is this tax deductible, but by the end of the year, Together For Good Refugee Film School should also be an official 501c3 tax deduction.

Act now if you’re interested because this offer is only for the first 10 people who sign up. Each video process will begin in order of them receiving your deposit.

If you are ready to get the videos that you know will build your brand and grow your income, contact Don Akers at 281 352 0165 or by email at

We’ll be supporting the students of Together For Good Refugee Film School, where their motto is, “We cannot do all the good that the world needs, but the world needs all the good that we can do.”

  • When people you can see you, really see you, they’ll recognize their new coach.

  • Video is proven as the most effective way to build your image and your coaching business.

  • The fastest way to have high-quality videos out there amplifying your presence is by working with a team that makes it fast and easy.

  • If you can create videos that attract those who are meant to work with you, in 30 minutes or less, that’s a good investment.

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Video Editing
Social Media Support
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Here’s how it works: 

At Refugee Film School, they help thought leaders like us create Know, Like, and Trust Videos, with just a few easy steps.

You do what you do best, talking with enthusiasm about your coaching, and they do the rest.

You start by telling them the FAQ, most frequently asked questions, you get from people looking for a coach like you.

In an easy Zoom format call, you can give your best answers to those questions on video, so your potential clients can see your face, hear your voice, and connect with you, before the first call, making the first call more likely.


Your interviewer will take the time to help you look good, sound good, and feel comfortable on camera before starting.

Within 30 minutes, they should have at least 4 good video segments that you can use for social media and your website.

Within 30 minutes, they should have at least 4 good video segments that you can use for social media and your website.

After the recording they edit the interview to feature you, and your content, at your best.

If you’d like to provide photos, video, a logo, or graphics, they’ll use those in a custom opener that will grab the viewer’s attention. If you don’t have those things, they’ll use our Radiant logo.

The opener will be followed by a 1-2 minute video of you at your best, enjoying the conversation, and helping people feel comfortable with who you are.

At the end, a custom call to action graphic will direct the viewer to your contact info or social media sites.

The segments are intended to be evergreen and re-usable. Need a video intro while people are “holding” in your Zoom waiting room? A video intro for teaching a webinar? Segments like these can easily be repackaged and repurposed for other kinds of promotions.

At Refugee Film School, we help professional coaches create videos so people will know, like, and trust you.

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