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Radiant Coaches Academy certified holistic coach, Alicia Gervais

Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, USA, Anishinaabe Nation

Strong Heart Bear (Daniel Hull)

Middleton, Wisconsin, USA

Anishinaabe Nation


Learn more about Strong Heart Bear here.



Tisha Marina, Radiant Coaches Academy holistic coach, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Tisha Marina walks the Indigenous/Mexica red road dedicated to keeping the ancient traditions alive. Her service includes transformative ceremonial healing circles for women, youth and marginalized communities. Her holistic coaching is based in the Medicine Wheel and traditional Indigenous medicine. Tisha is dedicated to deconstructing and decolonizing emotional wellness and mental health through healing generational trauma and guiding individuals to remember the holistic essence of who they truly are: Divine Creators.

Radiant Initiatives for Sustainable Education 

Radiant Coaches Academy provides “RISE on the REZ” full scholarships to become Certified Holistic Coaches. 

RISE stands for Radiant Initiatives for Sustainable Education.

REZ stands for Reservation.

Trainees become certified holistic life coaches, wellness coaches or business coaches earning 150-accredited hours through the International Coaching Federation.

In only one year, you can go from, “I want to serve others,” to making money online as a professional coach. 

Contact Dez Stephens at Dez@RadiantCoaches.com to apply.

[The value of the full scholarship is $15,000 usd per student.]


No books necessary.
No need for a computer.

Students can access their classes from a laptop, desktop, or mobile device like a tablet or a phone.

Coach Online 

Radiant Coaches Academy students learn how to make money coaching professionally online to an international community. 

Coach on the Rez 

Radiant Coaches Academy graduates can coach from anywhere – to anyone anywhere. 

Coach Pro-Bono

Radiant Coaches Academy students learn how to offer free and discounted services in their own communities. 

Upcoming Classes

Contact Dez Stephens, Founder + CEO of Radiant Coaches Academy at dez@radiantcoaches.com to apply for a full scholarship to become a Certified Holistic Coach. 

Are you being called to do this work?

Code of Ethics

Behaviors + Boundaries

Core Competencies 

Pick Your Coaching Speciality

Build Your Coaching Practice


RISE on the REZ
Global Advisory Board


Dez Stephens

Certified + Credentialed Coach

Cofounder of R.I.S.E.

Co-executive Producer of “End of Line: The Women of Standing Rock

Misti Dian

Certified Holistic Coach

Cofounder of R.I.S.E.

Co-executive Producer of “End of Line: The Women of Standing Rock

Director of Holistic Leadership + Yoga

Strong Heart Bear

Daniel Hull

Anishinaabe Nation

Educator + Advocate

Shannon Kring

Emmy-winning producer

Internationally acclaimed speaker

Award-winning author

Fearless humanitarian

UN liaison

Honduran Goodwill Ambassador

Director + Producer of “End of Line: The Women of Standing Rock

Case Study completed in November, 2020, about RISE Global by Samantha Kramer who is obtaining her Master’s degree at University of Southern California (USC)

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