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Radiant Coaches Academy students learn how to make money coaching professionally online to an international community. Radiant Coaches Academy graduates can coach from anywhere – to anyone anywhere.

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Croatian students currently in training!

Izabela Marić

Certified Yoga Teacher and Therapist

Certified Holistic Coach

Founder of Verbasana yoga studio

In my work I help others feel their best through personalized lifestyle changes that meet unique dietary, emotional, and physical goals and needs.

To help them achieve confidence, trust in themselves and the health to start living with more ease, balans and joy.

Amna Muslic

Tourist Guide and German Teacher in Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegowina

Marijeta Matijaš

Author, NLP Practitioner, Publishing Consultant, Public Speaking and Book Holistic Coach

Ana Koren Friščić

Master of Education. Having worked with parents, teachers and children in kindergarten, she has been taking care of their educational welfare for longer than a decade now. Over the years, she has been a project manager, a team building organizer, classroom designer, curricula author and a pedagogical counsellor. Ana owns a company for informal education, where she works with gifted children and organizes children nature camps. She also owns a School for Speed Reading and Smart Learning. Furthermore, she loves training teachers, giving them motivation and inspiration in order to support them in all aspects of their professional development. Moreover, she is interested in her own spiritual development, and her special passion is helping other people to grow daily – personally, professionally or spiritually. Coaching is therefore a natural extension of her aspirations. Ana enjoys spending time in nature, traveling near and far from her hometown Varaždin, Croatia, where she lives with her husband, her two children and a cat.

Nina Kapel

Communication specialist, copywriter, content writer, translator for Italian language and NLP Master practitioner. Being a serial student with a lot of interests and a curious listener, my goal as a coach is to support people to elevate their communication and share their authentic voice through a holistic approach. 

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