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Sarah Sager
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About Sarah

Teal Legacies is named for my professions (T.E.A.L. – themed experiences, archives, and libraries) and my legacy goals (making it easier for the next generation of game-changing superheroes). Teal is a love letter to the coaches who patiently navigated me to my strengths. And as a consultant, I bring the same revolutionary mindset to your organization.

I currently live in Orlando, Florida. I am a level 6 barbarian in my D&D game. I spend every minute possible with my dog. And I like my water the way I like everything else: sparkling ✨

I am training for my Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential with the International Coaching Federation at Radiant Coaches Academy. I plan to become a credentialed Professional Certified Coach (PCC) specializing in professional careers and nerdy lifestyles.

What we do

Teal Legacies

Professionals, nerds, and professional nerds, let's build your legacy.

Teal Legacies Coaching & Consulting by Sarah Beals Sager is dedicated to building lives and projects of which we can be proud. I coach individuals through their personal, professional, and academic journeys. My legacy will be about lifting up my clients, which path is the one for you?

The Teal Road

Specialty coaching for professionals in Themed Entertainment, Libraries, and Archives. This service is tailored towards emerging, pivoting, and established professionals in any of the T.E.A.L. industries. Together, we will build up your negotiation and networking skills to the point where you'll feel confident following your North Star.

Path of the Nerd

Life coaching for nerds rooted in pop culture and awkward situations. Pop culture is culture, and it's cool to be nerdy. Teal Legacies' Path of the Nerd is a unique life coaching technique that will divide your hero's journey into 3 acts. This coaching service is designed for self-identifying nerds who want extra guidance on their current path. You can speak geek to me, and I'll respond fluently.

Mysteries of Academia

The unwritten rules about school. School is for people who love to challenge their beliefs with an insatiable curiosity. Colleges and universities are institutes that can have decades or even centuries of unwritten rules and traditions that are inaccessible to outsiders. I know what it's like to have secret expectations thrown on me by the institution. Together, we can rework the imposter syndrome mindset and move you closer to your academic goals.

Sarah Beals Sager