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Self-Healing Methods


3 in One!

1.  Self-Healing Methods Coach Certification
2.  Holistic Coach Certification
3.  ICF Credential (PCC)


Radiant Coaches Academy offers accredited hours from the International Coaching Federation in conjunction with a Self-Healing Methods Coach Certification and an overall Holistic Coach Certification + Credential.

This course will take coaches on a journey of self-discovery, learning, and planning to increase your own self-healing. 

As you embark on this journey, it is good to remember that patience and consistency are essential.

Online Training 

What This Course Entails:

50-hours of Training (live + self studies)

25 live hours (2 hours / week) in 3 months

Quest Self-Study Online Platform


Self-healing is an innate ability within each of us, a power that can be harnessed through various techniques and practices. From the simplest act of conscious breathing to the profound influence of sound and visualization, these methods can empower you on your journey toward the goal of holistic health.

Training program for Self-Healing module includes:

  • powerpoint presentation

  • individual and group activities

  • meeting individual needs

  • tailoring your personal self-healing programme

  • individual quantum resonance analysis

  • vocal toning

  • techniques for self treatment

  • breathing methods for specific issues

  • exploring macrobiotics, ayurveda & raw food

  • journaling your way to self awareness

  • meditations to access your self-healing powers

  • using vowels as mantras

  • basics of overtone singing

1. Introduction to Self-Healing – creating foundation for the journey

2. Breathing techiques – activation of prana body for Self-Healing

3. Color visualization – colors of health as a support to our immune system.

4. Meditation – a gateway to self-awareness and healing

5. Sound Healing using your voice – vocal toning

6. Vibrational and Frequency approach – raising your personal vibration

7. Quantum resonance – Self-Healing devices

8. Healthy Food  finding your way to food as medicine

9. Physical Activity – getting back in touch with nature

10. One point bodywork – how to give yourself a deep tissue treatment

    Self-healing is a holistic journey that encompasses various aspects of our being—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Combining these methods cultivates a synergistic effect, amplifying the body's innate ability to restore balance and vitality.


    In embracing self-healing practices, we embark on a path of self-empowerment, taking an active role in their well-being. The integration of these techniques into daily life creates a harmonious lifestyle conducive to optimal health.


    The path to self-healing is not always linear, but with dedication and an open mind, these practices can unlock profound transformations, facilitating a life of vitality and well-being and helping our coaching clients to find their way to personal self-healing and than healing or their clients too.

    Holistic Coach Training

    • 175-hour online course hours
    • Comprehensive syllabus
    • Quest Self-Study Online Platform
    • Videos and Worksheets
    • Extensive Resource Center
    • Get published in an anthology
    • Ongoing coaching feedback
    • ICF Ethics Course Certificate
    • 10+ hours of PCC mentoring
    • Credential from the ICF


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    Meet Your Holistic Trainers

    Dez Stephens 


    Business Owner. Dez Stephens is the Founder + CEO of Radiant Coaches Academy (a division of Radiant Health Institute) – a social enterprise and prominent international coach training school that certifies individuals to create vibrant, professional, private practices as holistic life coaches, wellness coaches and business coaches. She is a certified life coach, expert trainer and marketing strategist.

    Professional Coaching. Dez has coached professionally since 2005, and in 2012, founded Radiant Coaches Academy and has trained and certified nearly 600 students in 20+ countries. In 2014, her training school earned the prestigious status of offering accredited hours through the International Coach Federation (ICF). In 2017, ICF of Tennessee honored her and her institute with the PRISM Award for the advancement of the coaching profession.

    Training. She received her life coach certification from Guiding Mindful Change in 2005, and the University of Transpersonal Theology bestowed her with an honorary doctorate in 2015. Dez also holds a Professional Certified Coach credential through ICF.

    Business Coaching. As a business coach, she enjoys coaching entrepreneurs and small businesses, using her innate talent for creating innovative approaches for promotion and for birthing brilliant, achievable ideas. She also has a knack for originating memorable concepts, business names and taglines for her clients.

    Author. Dez is the author of The Qualitarian and co-author of Your Radiant Life.

    Humanitarian. Dez is passionate and sincere in helping people live more meaningful lives, and she considers herself to be a dedicated global humanitarian and social enterpriser.

    Svemir Vranko
    Croatia, Europe

    As a active meditator, yoga teacher, sound healer and body oriented therapist for more than 20 years I had chance to study and practice various self-healing methods.


    My teachers of healing methods, among the others, are Jeff Romanowski of Albany, CT, a founder of Romanowski deep tissue method, Vajra Matusow of San Francisco, CA, founder of Diamond Light School for Massage and Healing Arts, Masayuki Saionji of Tokyo, Japan, founder of Yumeiho (combination of oriental chiropractic, shiatsu and thai treatments) and Jonathan Goldman of Boulder, Colorado, a founder of Healing Sounds methods, Jadranko Miklec of Zagreb, Croatia, Yogacharya for advanced yoga training with European Yoga Federation.


    Also I am author of several Sound Healing records like Om Didge and Omming and I am active as a singer in progressive rock band Super Grouper with one published album Excitation.


    Self-healing is an innate ability within each of us, a power that can be harnessed through various techniques and practices. From the simplest act of conscious breathing to the profound influence of sound and visualization, these methods can empower you on your journey toward the goal of holistic health.

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    Tuition Options

    $9000 for all three trainings!

    Self-Healing Methods Coaching course by itself is only $3000 for Radiant coaches and $4000 for the general public.

    [Interest-free payments over 25 months]

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