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3 Trainings
in One!

1.  Spiritual Life Coach Certification
2.  Holistic Coach Certification
3.  International Coach Federation Credential


Radiant Coaches Academy offers accredited hours from the International Coaching Federation in conjunction with a Spiritual Coach Certification and an overall Holistic Coach Certification + Credential.

Relationship with the divine power that resides within, (Spirit, Soul, the Higher Self – different religions and spiritual paths call it different things), is the sacred thread that runs through every aspect of human life.

This course fits a range of coaching models, including individual coaching, team coaching, and group coaching.

“How you deal with life’s trials is part of the development of your faith. Strength comes when you remember that you have a divine nature, an inheritance of infinite worth.” ~ Russell M. Nelson

When we feel aligned and connected spiritually, we feel aligned, connected and on purpose in our everyday lives.

When we feel disconnected spirituality, we feel lost, unfulfilled and overwhelmed in our everyday lives.  

And when we cultivate an intentional relationship with the divinity within, we systematically improve every other aspect of our lives.

But you already know that don’t you?

If you found your way here, 

It’s because you’re already on this path.

It’s because you already understand;

And it’s because you feel the calling.

And if you’re still reading this, there’s a very good chance that you are ready to become a Spiritual Life Coach.

“Manifest the divinity within you and everything will be harmoniously arranged around it.”
Swami Vivekananda

Online Training 

How It Works

Join us on Wednesdays at 12-2pm Eastern for three complete moon cycles (about 13 weeks).

On each of our 2-hour Zoom sessions you will receive teachings, exercises, coaching, and reflection to assist you on your personal journey to become a Radiant Certified and ICF Credentialed Spiritual Life Coach.

With each of the 13-modules, you will also receive access to course-specific online learning, a printable workbook and list of additional resources for deeper exploration between calls.

What You Get

• 13 Self-Paced, Multimedia Online Learning Modules
• 2-hour Weekly Zoom Sessions (Wednesdays at Noon Eastern)
• 3 Private Mentorship Sessions with Jennifer

Holistic Coach Training

• 175-hour Online Course Hours
• Comprehensive Syllabus
• Quest Self-Study Online Platform
• Videos and Worksheets
• Extensive Resource Center
• Get Published in an Anthology
• Ongoing Supportive Coaching Feedback
• ICF Ethics Course Certificate
• 10+ hours of PCC mentoring
• Credential from the ICF

What You Can Expect


  • What Spiritual Life Coaching is; and what it’s not,
  • Who Spiritual Life Coaching is for and what they can expect, 
  • What kind of Spiritual Life Coach you want to be, and 
  • What unique gifts you bring to the table.


  • About the ICF Core Competencies as they apply specifically to Spiritual LIfe Coaching, 
  • How to confidently and effectively lead Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions, and 
  • How to adapt to the needs of your clients. 


  • Tools and practices for deepening your own spiritual practice,  
  • Cultivating your intuition, and
  • Facilitating growth and awareness for your clients; and 


  • The skills, confidence and experience to craft a unique, sacred, and successful coaching practice that is just right for you.

“Emotional turmoil can be a powerful catalyst to reconnect us with our divine nature. It propels us into a journey of self discovery and urges us to learn how to love and accept our entire being.”
~ Debbie Ford

Earn Your




Becoming a Spiritual Life Coach is more than just a career path – it’s a higher calling.  

As a Spiritual Life Coach you are called to take on the sacred (and professional) responsibility of empowering and holding space for your clients as they explore a deep and meaningful journey of spiritual and emotional self-discovery.  

That path for most, is not an easy one, and you have the honor, as a Spiritual Life Coach, of partnering with your clients to empower them through it… 

to cultivate and deepen their personal spiritual paths, to reconnect and align with their own inner wisdom and divine nature, and to find meaning and purpose in their experience of their lives as fully embodied spiritual beings. 

So your work as a Spiritual Life Coach is not just work, it’s your legacy.

And we’re ready to help you achieve it!

“What we usually call human evolution is the awakening of the divine nature within us.”
~ Peace Pilgrim

Meet Your Trainers

Dez Stephens 


Business Owner

Dez Stephens is the Founder + CEO of Radiant Coaches Academy (a division of Radiant Health Institute) – a social enterprise and prominent international coach training school that certifies individuals to create vibrant, professional, private practices as holistic life coaches, wellness coaches and business coaches. She is a certified life coach, expert trainer and marketing strategist.

Professional Coaching

Dez has coached professionally since 2005, and in 2012, founded Radiant Coaches Academy and has trained and certified nearly 600 students in 20+ countries. In 2014, her training school earned the prestigious status of offering accredited hours through the International Coach Federation (ICF). In 2017, ICF of Tennessee honored her and her institute with the PRISM Award for the advancement of the coaching profession.


She received her life coach certification from Guiding Mindful Change in 2005, and the University of Transpersonal Theology bestowed her with an honorary doctorate in 2015. Dez also holds a Professional Certified Coach credential through ICF.

Business Coaching

As a business coach, she enjoys coaching entrepreneurs and small businesses, using her innate talent for creating innovative approaches for promotion and for birthing brilliant, achievable ideas. She also has a knack for originating memorable concepts, business names and taglines for her clients.


Dez is the author of The Qualitarian and co-author of Your Radiant Life.


Dez is passionate and sincere in helping people live more meaningful lives, and she considers herself to be a dedicated global humanitarian and social enterpriser.

Jennifer White


Jennifer White is a practicing MerMedicine™ Woman, Content Creator, and Spiritual Life Coach aspiring to make cyclical living, working and spiritual practice feel easy, inspiring and accessible, through education, exploration and community. Her personal mission is to nurture and support the wellbeing and experienced reality of her community while actively contributing to the restoration of the collective, humanity and our planet, to its natural, sacred and divine state. 

Spiritual Philosophy

On a fundamental level, Jennifer believes that the Soul is eternal and that each individual Soul is an incarnation of the Divine Holy Spirit made manifest in this life and many, many others.  She believes that the Soul’s purpose in any given lifetime is to remember and embody their divine nature through the experience of individuality, free will, and physical form.

Personal Path

Like many others called into spiritual service, Jennifer’s personal spiritual awakening was not an easy one. However, those struggles are what propelled her on the path of self-discovery and spiritual awakening that made her the spiritual being she is today. In 2018 when she began experiencing profound memories of her previous incarnation as a merpriestess during the Golden Age of Atlantis, her true nature as a divine spiritual being was revealed.  She was awaked to her true path and her unique spiritual calling in this life – to guide and support others on their personal and professional journeys to remember their divinity, discover their unique spiritual gifts and cultivate their own spiritual paths.

Professional Coaching

Jennifer has been coaching professionally since 2017.  She has over 600 hours of professional coaching experience and is a member in good standing with the International Coach Federation.   She has been working in the industry as a Professional Coach Trainer and Mentor since 2019.

Formal Training

She received her first life coaching certification from Inner Glow Circle in 2019, advanced certifications in professional life and business coaching as well as women’s circle leadership in 2020, and has continued her training with Radiant Coaches Academy in 2023 on her journey to receive her Master Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation.   

Personal Development

Over the course of her 30-year journey of spiritual and professional development, Jennifer has extensively studied Metaphysics, Sacred Harmonics, Menstrual Cycle Awareness, Yoga and Meditation, while attaining mastery and/or certification in the Water Priestessing Arts, as an Aroma Freedom Master Practitioner, Advanced Crystal Master, Vibrational Aromatherapist, and Oracle Card Reader.   

Contact Jennifer with questions at:

Tuition Options

Next cycle starts January 2024!

$7000 for all three trainings!

Spiritual Life Coach course by itself is only $2000 for Radiant students and graduates – and $3000 for the general public.

[Interest-free payments over 25 months]

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