“As a multiple business owner and a mom and wife, I absolutely LOVE that the online training is super flexible so you can complete it at your convenience and based on your own schedule. The information provided and the exercises I completed are super valuable for me and I loved that everything I wrote was automatically included in a journal format on the website. Prior to enrolling in the training, I was looking for the right program to partake in. I came across so many programs, but nothing ignited my fire like Radiant Coaches Academy. I knew when I came across it that it was the right one for my life and business. Lots of personal development was made and clarity and vision ensued as I progressed through the program. Best decision ever and it couldn’t have come at the right time! If you are like me and you have been searching and searching for a fantastic coaching program that is flexible and offers an easy-to-learn platform, Radiant Coaches Academy is it. Thank you to Dez Stephens and her team for entering my life at the right time. I am excited and pumped to move forward with my coaching now that I am an RCA coach!” ~ Lis Perez, Cabo San Lucas (Mexico)

DéShaun Monique, Virginia (USA)

Jenn Gillies, England

This online training program is one of a kind and honestly the best complete package one could hope to find. The level of support available is second to none, and the training itself is easy to follow, and the fact that it is online makes it perfect for fitting around your busy schedule, as you are shifting into a new rewarding career. I love the fact that with Radiant Coaches Academy, you genuinely are treated as part of a community and the support from other coaches is always palpable. Everyone wants you to succeed. I was doing the training around the time of my father-in-law’s passing and it was such a relief to be able to put it down to handle the grief process and then pick it back up full steam ahead. I appreciated that there was no judgment, only support. I am so grateful for this program and the future is looking so amazing.


“I never thought of becoming a coach, yet I’ve found myself, my purpose and my mission in coaching. Radiant Coaches Academy was the best possible way for me to become a certified holistic coach. Dez’s approach is entirely aligned with who I am, what I stand for, my beliefs and values. I’ve learned so much, and not just how to be a good coach, but how to be a better human. During this past year the training helped me evolve, grow, become more self-aware and more confident, it helped me trust my abilities and my purpose in this world. I’m forever grateful for this opportunity and will do my best to carry on the Radiant’s mission in this world.” ~ Marijeta Matijaš, Croatia (Europe)

“When I began looking for a Coach certification program, I knew very strongly what my non-negotiable criteria would be: 1) Flexibility (online and on my own time), 2) Assistance creating and marketing my new business venture, and 3) Affordability. Radiant Coaches Academy offered all of these, but what truly solidified my enrollment was Dez Stephens. Dez is approachable, responsive, and most of all, patient. The online material is engaging and presented in a way that allowed me to dive into as many sections at the pace that worked for me. Live classes provided an opportunity for me to interact with other aspiring coaches and real-time learning from some of the best coaches in the industry ‘face to face.’ If you find yourself coming back to the Radiant Coaches Academy page, know the universe is calling you to the best coach certification program out there. Enroll and don’t look back.” ~ Paula Shepherd, Texas (USA)

Samantha Kramer, California (USA)

“I was drawn to Radiant Coaches Academy because of the holistic approach it takes. My core belief that we cannot simply focus on one area of our lives to lead our most fulfilled lives possible, made many of the other programs I saw, just not for me. They were more specific to “wellness” or “financial” or “career” coaching and did align with my vision of my coaching practice. Also, I got on a phone call with Dez, and it just felt right. She was so warm, welcoming and did not try to “sell” me at all. She spent nearly an hour talking to me about coaching in general, why I was interested in the courses, etc. Now, after having finished the online training curriculum, I am confident that I can turn my passion of helping others on their personal growth and development journeys into something I get paid for. How awesome is that?! Thanks, Dez, and the amazing Radiant Coaching Academy team!” ~ Erin Becerra, California (USA)

Susan Murray, North Carolina (USA)

Radiant coaching academy is so much more than a ‘training’. The connections I made with myself and others during the training circle were more than just connections – they were heart expanders. The curriculum was easy to understand and applicable and I will forever be changed due to this experience.” ~ Christa Booker, Tennessee (USA)

“The Holistic Coach training course offered by Radiant Coaches Academy was nothing short of transformational and encompassed more than I could have imagined! Through their unique hands-on program, I begin to understand my own growth and change processes. I truly believe that being fully aware of our thought patterns and embracing ourselves is the first step toward being able to help others. Throughout the training, I received tremendous support, real-world scenarios, and the technology and marketing training to get my coaching business up and running. I can’t imagine a better program for holistic coach training.” ~ Hope Hughes, Colorado (USA)

Kesley Page + Katie Marie, Tennessee (USA)

“If you’re considering this program, you can take it from me. You will be personally transformed, along with gaining the skills to have a more positive and loving interaction in all relationships. This to me was worth the tuition alone!”

~ Todd Starr, Tennessee (USA)

“The training was incredible, insightful and absolutely powerful. The synergy created from us staying together was profound and opened space for growth, team building and magic to be created.”

~ Janine Shapiro, South Africa

“When describing my Holistic Coaching Training experience, I tell everyone that I stand by the program 1000%. Completing it was a pivotal point in my life. Prior to, I was seeking my life’s purpose. After completion, it was crystal clear. Being of service to others as a life coach was a gift I never knew I had, one I can now share with others to guide them towards empowerment, waking up, and coming back to their true selves to start living a fulfilling life. I was ready to step into my new future and Radiant training was the gateway.”

~ Vicky Tay, Maryland (USA)

“My experience has been wonderful. Somehow I knew that I needed to find something that would motivate me to have a purpose in life, something that would help me find myself to learn to evolve as a person and in that way also supports others.
This is what I discovered when receiving training at Radiant Coaches Academy, under the professional direction and with many years of experience, its Founder and CEO, Dez Stephens, and the entire team of expert coaches. Dez who not only demonstrates the passion she has in doing it, but also has the gift of taking you through the excellently designed program to develop the potential that each of us carries within, creating a pleasant, safe and warm environment during training sessions. In addition to all this, I am grateful to Dez, for all the work that Honduras has developed in my country, helping to empower many and training them as coaches, giving them the opportunity to improve their lives through their humanitarian work. For all this and more I cannot fail to recommend that this is the best place to certify yourself as a Holistic Coach.”

~ Jessica Valdiviezo, Honduras (Central America)


“Participating in holistic coaching training with Radiant Health Institute was a wonderful experience, from my best weeks. Dez and his team put all their hearts in what they do, in sharing their knowledge of life and giving tools to put yourself at the service of others, to be able to transcend and thus we are more and more people in the world supporting and helping others to heal. It is a holistic training that gives you tools for the body, mind and spirit, it is the training for people who want coherence in their lives and are open to see everything. Because it is such a spatial training, all the people with whom we share are very special, I felt in a meeting of souls. I am grateful to be part of this great family!”
~ Maria Escobar, Spain

“I heard from a friend how great coaching is because it works with clients focusing in the present and not in the past. I have discovered is empowering. I am a psychologist and during an exercise we had in training, it allowed me to understand something that has been bothering me for some time and it has become physical and I had not made a relation. It absolutely works! We own our lives, we can choose how we feel and how we think, and this knowing can change our lives.”

~ Linda Martinez, Honduras (Central America)


“For anyone who has thought about coaching as a career the Radiant Coaches community is the place to be. This comprehensive curriculum gives you the tools and confidence to become a Holistic Coach and the classes and lectures are easily assessable. The best part is once you become family you are always family.”


~ Beilah Milstein, Illinois (USA)

“I appreciated the management team and how supportive everyone is- they are all excited to see us as students succeed. This is a testament to the type of leader you are. This program covered not only practical material, but the marketing, setting up an office, and a host of other topics that I didn’t necessarily expect. Very well done. Great program – I will recommend it to others in the future!”

~ Candice Bakx-Frieren, Manitoba (Canada)


“Taking the holistic life coaching course with Radiant was one of the best things I have done for myself. I gained a lot of great technical coaching skills and resources but found I went through a lot of personal transformation throughout the week with Dez and Misti! The guest speakers were also enlightening! And, the support from my peers in the class has continued beyond the classroom. Radiant is a very supportive community!”

~ Jennifer Hastert, Tennessee (USA)

“AMAZING learning experience, both professionally and personally!!! Misti and Dez took us on a wonderful journey of developing our coaching skills while changing individually, all while creating a safe, fun community of growth and development. I am eager to recommend this training experience to anyone who is looking to enhance their coaching skills, build their coaching skills or live a more holistic life.” ~ Kathryn Bean, Ontario (Canada) 

“This training has far surpassed my expectations as far as learning not only how to be an effective life coach, but also how to apply the tools I’ve learned to better my personal life and relationships as well. Life-changing doesn’t begin to explain what I experienced. I am full of gratitude.”

~ Jaime Correia (USA)

I have been through so many trainings throughout my career as a counselor and I wasn’t sure what to expect from this training, but it exceeded my expectations. Not only did I learn the foundations of coaching, I learned so more about myself and expanded my perspectives. Dez Stephens is an incredible teacher and leader and has a wealth of information to share. Her passion and generosity are contagious. I highly recommend the Radiant Coach training!

~ Kori Meyers, Tennessee (USA)

“This is exactly how I feel after completing my training with Radiant Coaches Academy. The transformation that takes place cannot be described with words but what I can say, is that I am a better version of me, the real me. I am forever grateful for this experience and cannot wait to share my light with the world!”

“As a medical doctor you are trained to only believe what can be proved with science. The perfectionist in me wants that from anything and everything I decide to put my energy on. This training has changed my way of thinking, I now see the importance of transforming negative thoughts into positive ones. It has also taught me that I have what is needed to move forward and that I need to be more flexible and gentler on myself. Also, that failures are OK and part of our journey. Can’t wait to help others with what I have learned.” ~ Cristina Thiébaud, MD, Spain

Hal Martin, Tennessee (USA)

“It was a week of learning and becoming, unlike any other week that I have experienced. During this June week of training at Radiant Coach Academy, I discovered that in addition to learning, I was also manifesting the new “me” that will enable me to interact and encourage others in their own growth and discovery of their highest potential. Collectively, our group became a new family with DNA of its own, given birth through the individual stories of where we are in our journeys; through letting go and taking on; through allowing ourselves to be vulnerable in the group setting; through experiencing overwhelm with all the new information to understand and process; through getting lost between where we were in life and viewing an eclipse of that in order to grasp a vision of where we are heading and who we are becoming; but also through experiencing in a powerful and undeniable way how each of us is surrounded by the love emanating from each person as we become something more than we were. And we are all in this together. We were told that our class was the first to complete a new 7-Day Intensive Program, which I believe contributed to a group connection that was beyond palpable. I believe our bonding was developed by the swift pace at which we were learning, and it took a group effort to ensure everyone was on board and no one got lost. It did not matter who was hurting or fearful or stuck or crying, the group empathized as one, experiencing those same emotions. The most difficult and challenging phase of the training for me, and as I would find later for most of us, was Day 5. It seemed to be the most challenging day in that I felt the material was not yet intuitive and it took great effort and focus to grasp it all. I did not sleep much the previous night and was curious enough to ask the class if anyone else was feeling the same? To my surprise, 80% said their experience was likewise and they, too, did not sleep well. However, by the end of Day 5, I felt I had reached the summit after many days of full engagement and had a feel for the coaching environment. I felt I had gained enough of a sense of understanding that I could start applying the principles of coaching. What emerged by the end of the week was phenomenal. As we continued finding our way forward, we learned to be present for each other through coaching. We had become coaches and sought to be helpful to each other in that way. I felt so empowered that I could hardly wait to start helping clients. I am a witness that the Radiant Coach Academy Intensive Program is a learning experience that has the process and power to transform beginners, curious seekers, and even professionals into ready, capable and confident coaches, ready to help people bring forth their latent potential to live their best life and give their best service. Perhaps the capacity to help others through coaching is the radiance in the name Radiant Coach Academy.”

Laura Rodriguez, Texas (USA)

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Radiant Coaches Academy was a gift sent from heaven for me. I was ready to learn, and so all the fantastic Radiant teachers appeared on the quest as well as the intensive training hosted by Dez Stephens. The training guided me and gave me all the tools needed to gain confidence, believe in myself, and show up for my clients. Thank you, Radiant teachers. I don’t know how to explain what this training has done for me. I have heard before “when the student is ready, the teacher appears” I experienced it with this course. You all are amazing teachers and I feel blessed to be able to learn from all of you! Especially Dez. I am now confident and feel ready to enter the field of coaching. Thank you all you for making this possible.”

Cierra Tutton, Nashville (USA)

“Radiant Coaches Academy has helped me tremendously in a year that could’ve had no direction I now feel more aligned than ever before with my purpose. This training is very student-friendly and easy to understand and comprehend. Everyone has been helpful from Facebook groups, community groups within the training, and Dez is amazing, and always one text or email away.”

Russell Church, Tennessee (USA)

“Radiant Coaches Academy training will give you all the tools you need to become a holistic coach, open your perspective and can transform your life if you let it.  It is obvious that Dez has walked the walk of holistic life coaching and has spent the time to put together a training program that includes all the tools needed to create a successful coaching business.  The words ‘life changing’ are too often overused, but when approached with an open mind and spirit, Dez’s breadth of knowledge, combined with Misti’s experience and expertise in training, creates an opportunity for a life changing experience.” 

Tianna Onyebuagu, Tennessee (USA)

“Broken but Healed – This is how I describe my training.  I entered broken only to be healed while learning how to heal others. This is a journey well worth taking. Your tribe the people that embark upon this journey with you will be irreplaceable. Thank you so much Radiant Coaches Academy for reminding me that I am whole. Get ready you are in for a ride that you will never forget you are here on purpose and not by chance.”

Tara Tse, Saskatchewan (Canada)

“The 5-day in-person training was a beautiful place to explore personal and professional growth as a coach. We had an incredible group of people that created a safe space to be in together, which was essential to deepen our journeys. We will stay in touch as friends and support as we continue to flow through our lives.”

Nikki Hall, Tennessee (USA)

“Coming into this training with no expectations and an open mind allowed me to really delve in and be present to witness this awesome experience. In seeking to aid others to reach a place of peace, I found this training truly inspirational and transformational in my own life. Radiant Coaches Academy is sincerely a FAMILY of coaches who truly believe in the reinforcement of self-love and self-discovery which enables us to actively put our clients at the head of their own healing. This method of training serves as a sacred space and platform that nourishes the whole person and equips you with all that you need to begin coaching with a solid foundation…and the support never ends! I am tremendously grateful for the experience and can’t wait to put into action what I have so graciously received!”

Allison Mills Lindsey, Tennessee (USA)

“Radiant Coaching Academy is the real deal. The combination of in-person training, online classes, the abundance of resources and mentors makes Radiant stand out among the sea of training options. This program gave me the tools I need to expand how I meet people where they are and help them on their journey. The fact that the Radiant program is accredited by the International Coaching Federation helps me know that I received top-notch training and that I have the certification I need as the coaching industry becomes more regulated. Finally, I know that this program was meant to be on my path, the culmination of years of work, but also the start of a new journey for me that will allow me to be in control of my own financial security and future while living my life’s purpose.” 

Erica Cullum, Tennessee (USA)

“On what felt like a whim, I enrolled in Radiant’s holistic coach in-person training. I thought I was already coaching and that this certification would be a great addition to my professional credentials. I had no idea it would expand my life and shatter my own personal glass ceiling (that I didn’t even know was there!) I am floored by how powerful this work has been and how quickly it can be done! Hands down this training was one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself because it opened up a way to merge my professional expertise with my heart and passion. I am forever grateful and transformed.”

Gregory David, Washington, DC (USA)

“The training program has been an amazing experience.  As a professional who wants to create a midlife career shift, I have found the Radiant holistic program broadened my horizons and opened doorways to possibilities to help other people in ways that draw upon all my life experiences and resources.  The program truly is holistic in the background and teaches you to think with a holistic mindset.  I learned strong foundational elements of coaching’s history and origins as well as potential pathways that coaching may take in the future.  The program’s pathway creates an introspective look at yourself,  so you can better take a look at who you are and what you want to accomplish as a coach—that way you can marry it to the client base you hope to serve.  Through the process, I have made connections and bonds with other classmates and coaches that have proven to be invaluable relationships for opinions and thoughts as we experience the training courses together and embark on our coaching careers.”

Jessy Paz, Honduras (Central America)

“For me, training as a coach as a psychologist led me to expand my tools. Likewise, as a person, it brought me to calm and self-love. Sharing with other people with the same passion for helping others is wonderful and enriching, it becomes a bond and a family in your life. It develops you as a human and professional. You learn to listen and see beyond the selfishness that sometimes surrounds us unconsciously. The training was like a retreat for my being, where I could find myself once again and then help others. Radiant holistic coach for me was a lot of personal growth. It moves your heart and it moves your soul, dust off your instincts, and revives them from oblivion. It was an experience of incredible connections with wonderful people, a lot of learning, and above all, I won a tool that was created to help others. Immensely happy to have been part of this team and to be part of a huge family that develops and trains itself to be better day by day so that we can give others a little of each and serve humanity not only with a reason but from the heart and soul.”

Andy Munoz, North Carolina (USA)

“As a novice Career Coach, I am extremely grateful for Radiant Coaches Academy! Dez and her team helped open my eyes to the different dimensions of my client’s life which are interlinked and interdependent with their career. This has helped to improve my coaching practice and most importantly provide further impact to my clients. Radiant Coaches Academy is truly a community of passionate coaches that have pushed me to live out my true calling of being a coach. If you’re looking for coach training, look no further than Radiant Coaches Academy. I promise it will be worth the journey! And better yet, they will be there to guide you along the way.”

Clara Belden, Tennessee (USA)

“This training helped me develop the self-awareness that is so crucial to become a masterful coach. I am now confidently equipped with the tools I need to be a coach that can help others get ‘unstuck’ and live their happiest, most purposeful lives. The online material and courses are wonderful supplements to turn to and keep the information top of mind. I felt like this training broke me open, and I can’t wait to do the same for my clients. The Radiant team is clearly committed to the success of their coaches.”

Christina Brown, North Carolina (USA)

“Radiant Coaches Academy training is a powerful personal experience allowing for self-discovery while learning important tools for holistic coaching. Radiant holistic coaching is thorough and authentic diving into heart awareness and presence practices that bring you into deep knowing of yourself empowering you in an authentic relationship with you that empowers you to be of service to your clients. You are trained thoroughly and leave excited to know yourself deeper and ready to be of service. I will be recommending Radiant Coaches Academy as the #1 holistic coach certification in the United States.”

Raya Horcher, Illinois (USA)

“How do I begin to describe what a truly wonderful and life-changing training this has been? My experience with Radiant Coaches Academy has been far above and beyond what I had expected. I. received world-class training, experience and connections that will allow me to be fully capable and able to start and thrive in my business. It is very rare to meet so many people full of honest intention, knowledge and integrity, I am so happy that I made the choice to sign up for the online course.”

Brandy Anderson, Tennessee (USA)

“The training with Radiant Coaches Academy was an amazing experience. If you are interested in becoming a Holistic Coach, it is worth your time to check it out and have a conversation with Dez. This training for me was not only educational in nature to increase my knowledge of coaching but so much more. It was a personal transformation for me. This training will not only equip you with the tools you need to become a successful coach but also empower you to be your best self in the process.”

Brenda Lanigan, Ontario (Canada)

“I have enjoyed the coaching certification program from Radiant Coaches Academy. The modules were interactive and interesting, which supports different learning styles. There is a wonderful community of seasoned coaches, just graduated coaches as well as those moving through the program. They are all very helpful and supportive, ready to answer questions or give kind words of encouragement. Dez, the owner and founder, is also easily accessible and facilitates some of the coaching calls, which I think is great; being able to speak to someone who has built a wonderful company to help others is a great opportunity. I highly recommend Radiant Coaches Academy for anyone who is interested in becoming a certified coach.”


Jessica Anderson, Tennessee (USA)

“The Radiant Coaches Certification program has been so valuable to me! From the inspired way in which It came into my life, to the information-packed content that it provides, It has certainly been a profound experience for me! I have never felt more empowered or confident to move forward in my coaching business as I do now! I am so excited for the future, and so grateful to Radiant Coaches, and all involved!”


Brooke Eisenhart, Arizona (USA)

“Radiant Coaches Academy helped me to learn how to ask the right questions. How to step away from myself and more toward the client to help them in the most effective way. Using open-ended questions and leaving judgments at the door, and asking my clients to come up with their goals versus advising.”

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