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Reviews from our Students

Lana Joe

California (USA)
“Radiant Coaches Academy is such a balm to my soul. It is an incredibly supportive, nourishing, and welcoming space for coaches. It has provided a structure for me to take my coaching work to the next level and to deepen my own connection to myself. I cannot say enough positive things about Radiant Coaches Academy. The learning platform is easy to use and the breadth of topics offered is amazing. So much gratitude to all the mentors and friends (so many!) I’ve met here, especially Dez, who has been such a kind and supportive force. So much gratitude!”

Nick Reich

Indiana (USA)
“I would highly recommend Radiant Coaches Academy as a space to continue to learn and develop your passions related to your coaching practice and the skills associated with it. The community of learners and coaches has made a huge difference in the process, so engaging with those in the network is key to a successful outcome. I’ve really enjoyed the learning and growth and would recommend Radiant for anyone looking to expand their knowledge, skills and abilities in coaching.”

Sally Mayberry

Colorado (USA)
“Radiant Coaches Academy is a wonderfully diverse and supportive community that allows you to grow at your own pace. There’s no judgement and plenty of coaches, teachers, students who are willing to share their stories, answer your questions and create an overall welcoming experience. The trainers and training topics are diverse, piquing your curiosity and quenching your desire to learn more about certain topics. I really enjoy that you can request any topic of interest and Dez or someone will create a session for you and others to join. You’ll find a nice mix of flexibility and guidelines to allow anyone to succeed. Dez is incredibly responsive and committed to the success of each student and she lives the values you find on the Radiant website.”

Rachael Ami

England (UK)

“I’ve loved being a part of Radiant Coaches Academy. It is truly a community of coaches who are continually helping each other succeed. I have made friends for life through this program and will continue to take part in their ‘forever free’ training hours!”

Dani Kaun

Wisconsin (USA)
“My time at Radiant Coaches Academy has been truly transformative. The warm and accepting atmosphere created by the community made me feel instantly at home. The program provided unwavering support as I embarked on my personal and professional growth journey as a coach. There were abundant resources that allowed me to explore the vast world of coaching and uncover different modalities and niches. I am forever grateful for the friendships I’ve formed and I’m excited to witness the success of all our businesses. If you’re hesitating about joining Radiant Coaches Academy, let me assure you that this program will have a lasting positive impact on your life. Take the leap and you won’t regret it.”

Leighna Jouett

Tennessee (USA)
“I am so thankful to all of the coaches here at Radiant. Not on time have I had a question that was unanswered. Not only were all of my questions answered, but also answered in a very timely manner. Dez truly cares about us and our success, as do all the teaching coaches, and it is very evident. This has been a beautiful experience of learning and growth that I will never forget!“

Laura Paquette

Ontario (Canada)
“Where do I start? Dez (CEO of Radiant) has not only created a beautiful and educational program, but she has created a community. With teachers located all over the world and with varied specialties, the learning opportunities are truly endless. The environment is educational, extremely supportive and encourages connection, which can at times be difficult to achieve in a self driven program; Dez and our teachers do this beautifully.”

Jenny Cates

Ontario (Canada)
“Radiant Coaches Academy is not like any of the other ones you will find. Here you will find knowledge in all the crooks and crannies that you never thought to look before, and then some. The opportunity to become a family of sorts for learning and supporting each other, while you build, grow and evolve your business is something you will probably not find anywhere else. To say I am glad I belong to Radiant Coaches Academy is an understatement. Thank you for this unforgettable experience!”

Lori Sweetman

New Jersey (USA)
“I am so glad I took this opportunity to work on improving my coaching skills and receiving my credentials with Radiant Coaches Academy. Not only did we get to explore various modalities and learn from successful coaches, but we also got to make connections with other students to form a community of support. I loved having the chance to learn in an atmosphere that was safe to be myself in and support in my growth. Plus, it is the perfect combination of flexibility and accountability. Radiant Coaches Academy is a school that supports the whole person, and is authentically present in your journey from start to after graduation.”

Emme Whyte

Illinois (USA)
“To anyone considering joining Radiant Coaches Academy – don’t hesitate! It was my belief that I was coming into this program to learn how to coach clients. I learned so much more. I have been enriched through this program and I feel very comfortable to begin to guiding people to their resolution.”

Beatriz Nasciutti

California (USA)
“Radiant Coaches Academy has much more to offer than just a standard coach training program. The curriculum includes a wide range of interesting and practical subjects, from spirituality and diversity, to communications and business marketing – all with amazing and incredibly knowledgeable instructors. The holistic approach that RCA embodies is both unique and essential; the only way to truly help clients blossom and live fulfilled lives. The online training is through a very user-friendly platform and students can complete it at their own pace. RCA also offers in-person retreats where students can have an immersive experience and connect with each other. Dez is extremely wise, supportive, and always available to her students. The community and learning environment at RCA couldn’t be better. I have learned a lot in this program and feel very grateful to be part of the RCA community.”

Sumaya Jeeva

South Africa
“It has been a rewarding experience being part of Radiant. I love that it allows me accessibility to a community of people who are learners, seekers and coaches- indefinitely. What I appreciate about the way the course is structured is that it allows flexibility in terms of completing the work, as well as in selecting which Zooms to attend. We all have varying interests and resonate with certain guides/ teachers moreso than others, and the options allow for one to hone in on a particular area of interest and cultivate that. I have made some wonderful connections that I hope will be ongoing relationships.“

Marie Jones

South Carolina (USA)
“Radiant Coaches Academy is the place to be! When I started my journey searching for the right coaching program, I was looking at so many options from universities with degrees to other academy’s, but I was always drawn by the peace and joy that Radiant Coaches Academy gave me whenever I would visit their site. Then I got on the phone with Dez Stephens and the alignment was unbelievable!! It was a feeling that I have arrived and they have been waiting for me with open arms. Their training is truly life transforming from the training modules to the live zooms that are surrounded by love, support, and authenticity. It’s truly life changing! I love how authentic every single person is and that the training is very thorough on making sure that you are the best coach you can be in the industry. I am fully blessed by this journey and I am so thankful for Dez’s heart that she pours into her coaches by always being there for them and helping them grow confidently in their coaching career! I am so thankful for the confidence and joy I have gained by being surrounded by the people at Radiant Coaching Academy! This is the place for you — just breathe, talk to Dez, enroll, and enjoy the beautiful/transformative ride to a radiant you.”

Dr. Roxann Dukes

Maryland (USA)
“Piercing penetrating eyes, warm welcoming smile, tender ticklish laughter, soothing yet strong still voice, all belongs to our (Master Coach – Dez Stephens) she has become a human beacon of light, established upon a rainbow of Radiance, shining at her brightest so that others can see their way. Dez has perfected all necessary materials and information needed for you to become a Professional Radiant Coach. This has been an amazing experience of self discovery, empowerment, and transformation, beginning from, the Radiant Quest, sharing tools, skills, and support, in the Radiant Community with Fellow Coaches, Educational Live Classes, and an unforgettable Fantastic Radiant Retreat!”

Hayley Finamore

Nevada (USA)
“Radiant Coaches Academy really does set you up for success as a Certified Holistic Life Coach. Not only is the curriculum easy to understand and insightful, but the live classes offered really prepare you for the life of a Coach. Dez goes above and beyond as a partner in your journey. Not only does she make herself available for 1:1 needs, but she allows you to bring content and topics to live classes so you’re able to receive feedback at a group level. Your success is her main goal, and that really resonates throughout the whole program. I’d recommend this certification and credentialing school to anyone interested in becoming a Coach.”

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