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If you’re here, chances are you feel a deep desire to make a real difference in the world—to have a lasting impact, while living your purpose.

Some of the following may sound familiar:

You’re naturally empathetic and have often found yourself being a confident, encourager—a sounding board—for friends and family.

You’re getting close to retirement, and you want to continue working but also to keep busy and flex your “humanitarian muscles”.

You feel called to help people on a deep level, and you’re exploring your options to begin a new career.

You want to be part of a well-respected industry without having to go to college or university.

You crave a career that allows you to stay home with your family, work flexible hours, and travel—while making a difference for others.

If any of these resonate with you, then you’re in exactly the right place!

“I know from experience that coaching is even better than it sounds on paper. I became a coach because I care about people, and I wanted to immerse myself in an industry where I could flex my humanitarian muscles.”

Dez Stephens, Founder + CEO

60+ ICF-Accredited Hours

125+ ICF-Accredited Hours

200 ICF-Accredited Hours

We are Accredited with ICF.

The International Coaching Federation is the gold standard in professional coaching worldwide.

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There's no waitlist or waiting for a new cohort to start. You begin when you're ready and graduate at your pace. 

Certification + Credentialing Included

Upon full graduation, you will be a certified holistic coach (CHC) and hold a credential through ICF.

Step Into Coaching in Less Than a Year!

Our students are typically certified within six months and credentialed within three months afterward. The training is all self-paced. 

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Lifetime Attendance

We have “forever-free trainings” meaning that you'll never be booted out of our online course, online communities or in-person experiences.

24/7 Support

Our online classes are throughout the day (and night) depending on where you live since we have students from all over the world!

Mobile Friendly

Our live Zoom classes are accessible via any mobile device and you can run your professional coaching practice from your phone!

Our Holistic Approach

Radiant Coaches Academy is a prominent international coach training school that certifies individuals to create vibrant, professional, private practices as holistic life coaches, wellness coaches and business coaches.

You’ve probably heard of coaching, as the industry has grown rapidly with the rise of the Internet (to the tune of multi-billions of dollars). Some of the biggest-name celebrities have hired coaches to help them meet personal or professional goals.

Just so we’re on the same page, here’s a definition of coaching from the International Coaching Federation:

“Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

In other words, coaching is a process by which coaches support clients in achieving their most important goals, and therefore, in becoming the best version of themselves.

Financial Freedom

As few as 15 sessions per week can bring in a full-time income for coaches, who often employ other streams of income like speaking, writing books, and offering online courses. Almost everything can be done from your phone or computer, anywhere in the world.

Radiant Coaches Academy is a member of the National Wellness Institute.

Start Today!

There's no waitlist or waiting for a new cohort to start. You begin when you're ready and graduate at your pace.

In other words, we have rolling cohorts with our self-paced training. 

Radiant Coaches Academy is a Global Ambassador for the Global Wellness Institute.

Tuition Options

ACC (Level 1) = $5000
PCC (Level 1+2) = $8000
MCC (Level 3 after PCC) = $4000

Pay Upfront for Level 2 and Attend a Radiant Retreat for two for FREE!

[Interest-Free Payments Over 25 Months If Needed]

TEXT +1-615-598-7730 for a quick response!

Ask Us About our Discounts for First Responders, Veterans, Military, Educators, Mental Health Providers and Healthcare Practitioners! 


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You can create positive change – while loving your life. We'll show you how!

Basic Curriculum Subjects

The Art of Active Listening

Learn the different types of listening, and which is most effective as a tool in your coaching toolkit.

Boundaries and Body Language

Discover how to read your clients’ body language to dial in on what’s really going on, and how to discern when it’s time to refer a client out to a mental healthcare professional.

Coaching versus Counseling

Ascertain what you need to know about the differences between these two modalities—and why it’s critical you don’t err on the side of counseling without a license!

Holistic Paradigms

Understand the importance of addressing every part of a person’s life or business and why it benefits your clients, empowering them to improve their results.



The more you learn about yourself—and our trainees often rave about how much they develop personally and professionally—the more quickly you’ll progress as a coach and as a business owner.

Creating Sacred Spaces

Learn the art of setting up an energetic and/or physical safe place for you and your clients—and why it’s important for your clients and your practice.

Taking the Client's Lead

Discover why it’s crucial that you do not take the lead—and what to do instead, so your clients can find the answers they’re seeking.

Asking versus Telling

Learn why it’s important NOT to give your clients advice (no matter how tempting it is, at times!)—and what to do, instead, to bring forth your clients’ inner wisdom.


Goals and Accountability

Gain a proven process for helping clients figure out what they truly want, and then, taking action to get there. (This is one of the most rewarding aspects of coaching!)

Authenticity and Presence

Understand the role of authenticity in coaching—and why it’s essential if you want your clients to align with their deepest desires and truest selves.

Setting Up a Private Practice

Find out what it takes to “set up shop” as a professional coach. Learn about insurance, liability, retainers, intakes, salaries, packages, outcalls, deliverability, regulations, policies and more.


We’ll teach you exactly how to find leads and convert them to clients, so you can grow your business (and how to have fun doing it)! This sets us apart from other coaching training.

Unique Training Model

Anecdotal model of storytelling and experience sharing because research shows that people retain more information when they hear it in a story or as a real-life example.

Business and Marketing Strategies are implemented in the structure and curriculum.

Plus, have the option to attend in-person retreats; or complete self-paced online training combined with optional daily, live zoom classes.


Gamified Learning Platform

Trainees complete “missions” to earn points that move them toward higher levels. The online training platform, offers a highly interactive, experiential class setting where learning is both fun and effective.

Unique offerings includes lessons on Family Constellations, Narrative Enneagram, Intuition Development and Trauma-Informed Care.

Do I need to find a coaching niche?

Yes and no. Having a coaching specialty is helpful to draw in your potential clients. For example, if you're a “life coach” – that might seem vague to your prospects. Being a “divorce coach” or “relationship coach” or “money coach” is more specific.

First, decide if you're leaning more into holistic life coaching, wellness coaching or business coaching. Then we'll show you how to specialize and market yourself!

Can I really make money as a coach?

Yes! The International Coaching Federation surveys tens of thousands of professional coaches and their recent survey showed that the average hourly rate (in the USA) is $272 per hour. “Full-time” coaching is approximately 15 hours per week and (conservatively) earns you $100k yearly. Plus, we have other forms of income!

Do I need to be certified?

The professional coaching industry is only 50 years old in the US so we're not yet regulated and don't require a license to coach. Basically, anyone can call themselves a coach which is why it's vital to be highly trained to support people in their lives. Also, regulation is coming!

What is different about your program?

We are a progressive school in many ways, diverse and inclusive to say the least. As all ICF-accredited schools, we follow a strict core-competency model, but we also teach expansive modalities like Human Design, Neuroscience, Family Constellations, Narrative Enneagram, Intuition Development and more. Also, we are female- and queer-owned!

What is holistic coaching?

We coach the whole person. We coach around relationships, money, health, career, life purpose, values + visions, goals – you name it! We also see our clients as “whole” having everything they need to achieve all their dreams.

Do I need to be certified?

The professional coaching industry is only 45 years old in the US so we're not yet regulated and don't require a license to coach. Basically, anyone can call themselves a coach which is why it's vital to be highly trained to support people in their lives. Also, regulation is coming!

What's the difference between certification and credentialing?

Certification comes from us, a Radiant diploma designating your 175-accredited hours from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) since we hold a Level 1 + 2 accreditation from them. Next comes credentialing with a diploma from ICF designating that you attended an accredited school and requires logging hours and taking an exam.

Does your school include marketing support?

We do extensive marketing training and support including a free webpage to kickstart your coaching practice. Whether it's social media, SEO, programs + packages, websites, online courses, authoring, podcasting, blogging, vlogging, networking, etc. – we help with all of it!

How soon can I start charging for my coaching?

Within weeks of starting your training with us, you will feel confident enough to begin establishing your prices and asking for what you're worth. You can even charge for your practicum sessions!

How old is your school and how many students do you have?

Radiant Coaches Academy was formed in 2012, and we have over 800 students in over 20 countries in over 10 languages. Approximately 10 trainees are in each of our Zoom classes – and about a dozen students attend our in-person retreats. 

Sample Zoom Classes

Accidental Activism
Accountability + Procrastination
Animal Totems
Artificial Intelligence
Asking Coaching Questions
Astrology Basics
Auras + Chakras
Blogging for Coaches
Box Subscriptions
Branding + Marketing
Breathwork Basics
Business Development
Business Paperwork
Canva for Coaches
Captivate + Convert Clients
Certification Accountability
Choosing Your Coaching Specialty
Client Assessments
Coaching + Consulting
Coaching Athletes
Coaching by Doing
Coaching Children
Coaching Conversations
Coaching Couples
Coaching Ethics
Coaching Packages + Programs
Coaching Skills Practice
Coaching Specialties
Content for Coaches
Core Competencies
Corporate Contracts + Retainers
Crafting Digital Offers
Creating Memberships
Creating Online Courses
Creating Rituals for Sacred Living
Crisis Intervention
Crystal Healing
Cultural Competencies
Cutting Energy Ties
Decolonizing Wellness
Developing Online Courses
Difficult Conversations
Diversity + Equity + Inclusion + Justice
Emotional Freedom
Emotional Intelligence
Energy Healing
Establishing Boundaries
Ethical Coachpreneurship


Everyday Intuition
Executive + Corporate Coaching
Facilitating Retreats
Faith-Based Community Coaching
Family Constellations
Finding Your Voice
Flower Essences + Essential Oils
Forgiveness + Self-Love
Foundational Sessions
Frequency Healing
From Pro Bono to Profit
Goal Planning
Grief + Loss Recovery
Group + Team Coaching
Growing on Instagram
Happy Hormones
Healing From Domestic Violence
Hosting + Producing Events
Human Design
Humanitarian Coaching
Indigenous Ceremonies
Industry Research
Info Products
International Marketing
Intuition Development
Intuitive Eating + Nutrition
Intuitive Toolkit
Laws + Liabilities + Legalities
Leadership Coaching
LGBTQIA2S+ Communities
Liability + Legalities
LinkedIn for Coaches
Live Coaching Demos
Living with Gratitude
Love Languages
Managing Fear + Anxiety
Manifesting + Intention Work
Manifesting Magic
Marketing Audits
Media Training
Medical Intuition
Meditation Practices
Mending Broken Hearts
Metallic Marketing
Mission + Vision Statements
Moon Cycles + Ceremony
Narrative Enneagram
Native American Sacred Circles
Neuro-Linguistic Programming

New Student Orientation
Nonprofit Coaching
Oracle Cards
Pain Recovery
Peer Coaching
Pricing Your Services
Primordial Sound Meditation
Professional Speaking
Publicity for Coaches
Quantum Psychics 
Radiant Book Club
Reframing Limiting Beliefs
Relationship Coaching
Sacred Community Building
Sacred Medicine
Self-Awareness + Actualization
Self-Publishing Options
SEO + Dot Coms
Slaying Self-Sabotage
Sleep + Rest Hacks
Social Entrepreneurship
Social Impact Coaching
Social Media Systems
Soulmates + Twin Flames
Specialities + Niches
Spirit Guides
Spiritual Alchemy
Spiritual Mindset
Spiritual Spouses
Spiritual Yanks
Starting a Podcast
Strategic Building
Subconscious Beliefs
Supreme Self-Care
Systems for Coaches
Techstack Techniques
The Qualitarian Lifestyle
The Truth About Stress
Theta Healing Techniques
Thought Work
TikTok for Coaches
Toxic Masculinity
Toxic Positivity
Twin Flame Coaching
Trauma-Informed Coaching
Trauma Recovery
Unconscious Bias
Working From Home
Writing for Coaches