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3 Trainings in One!

1.  Youth Resiliency Coach Certification
2.  Holistic Coach Certification
3.  International Coach Federation Credential


Radiant Coaches Academy offers accredited hours from the International Coaching Federation in conjunction with a Youth Resiliency Coach Certification and an overall Holistic Coach Certification + Credential.

This course fits a range of coaching models, including individual coaching, team coaching, and group coaching.

Students are encouraged to build on their own interests and skillsets and create a coaching practice that is right for them.

Feeling strong and confident as a youth makes a world of difference for them!

Online Training 

Holistic Coach Training

• 175-hour online course hours
• Comprehensive syllabus
• Quest Self-Study Online Platform
• Videos and Worksheets
• Extensive Resource Center
• Get published in an anthology
• Ongoing supportive coaching feedback
• ICF Ethics Course Certificate
• 10+ hours of PCC mentoring
• Credential from the ICF

Weekly Zoom Classes

Running Course – Repeats Every 12 Weeks 

Guided Independent Study of 12 Modules 

25 Live Hours

Starts January 9, 2024 – 1-3pm ET


  • Welcome to the course
  • Trauma Informed
    • Trauma in youth
    • Youth Growth Development
    • Studies – ACEs

Week 2: SUN


  • Life Purpose – dharma
  • Confidence
  • Tapping into their strengths and passions

Week 3: MOON


  • Emotions
    • Identifying the 5 domains of self-reg
    • What can happen in these 5 domains?
    • How do we feel about them?
  • Polyvagal Theory
    • Mindfulness tools to assist our nervous system 



  • Communication
  • Processing Information – ADHD/trauma, etc
  • Cultivating Intellect

Week 5: VENUS


  • Relationships
  • Finding that Harmony + Balance in life
  • Values + Worths
  • Self Esteem vs. Self Compassion

 Week 6: MARS


  • Embodying our strength + courage
  • Rebooting our energy drive


  • Implementing structure, discipline + boundaries into our everyday lives – and what does that look like
  • Society’s demands
  • Self

    Week 7: Jupiter


    • Holistic radiance
    • Development of growth mindset
    • Expansion
    • Manifestation
      • Coaching tools – moon medicine, meditation, journaling

    Week 8: Uranus


    • Independence
      • Working with self sabotage clients
    • Freedom
    • Community
      • Friends
      • Diversity + inclusion
      • Social Impact

    Week 9: Pluto


    • Transformation – taking the small steps
    • Reframe the behavior
    • Recognize the stressors
    • Reflect + develop stress awareness
    • Restore energy
    • Reduce the energy

    Week 10: Neptune


    • Substance abuse
    • Mental health
    • Coaching tools
    • Intuition – holistic approach

    Week 11: Chiron


    • Strength of vulnerability
    • Working with our Shadows

    Black Lilith

    • Empowerment
    • Societal Shames We are Repressing
    • Working with High Risk Youth

    Week 12: FINAL WEEK

    • Considering ethics and integrity working with Youth
    • Looking at consent, reporting, contracts + insurance as a Life Coach
    • Group work with teens
    • Q + A

      Earn Your




      Combining education, practical exercises, and mentor guidance in a supportive student cohort combined with award-winning Radiant Coaches Academy trainers. Achieving a three-in-one qualification ensures top quality for your coaching practice.

      Meet Your Holistic Trainers

      Dez Stephens, PCC


      Dez Stephens is the Founder + CEO of Radiant Coaches Academy (a division of Radiant Health Institute) – a social enterprise and prominent international coach training school that certifies individuals to create vibrant, professional, private practices as holistic life coaches, wellness coaches and business coaches. She is a certified life coach, expert trainer and marketing strategist.

      Jenny Cates, CHC

      Jenny is a compassionate + empathetic Certified Holistic Life Coach who specializes in youth, mindfulness, energy healing, intuitive astrology, social impact + mental health who guides to empower her clients while they cultivate and foster the many different paths that illuminate on the way to their authentic selves.  Jenny uses many tools, so you can achieve mastery of your own life + knowledge to heal in mind, body and spirit.


      Looking to the stars, and watching the planets align you to your path, Jenny will guide you as you are able to intuitively work with your natal chart and transform and expand the energies that evolve in your lifetime.  Allowing you to strengthen your passions and to create a life that inspires your confidence


      When working with children, youth + families, Jenny will adapt SEL skills and mindfulness to assist with self-regulation that could be lacking from family dynamics, exposure to trauma or even society.  Jenny assists in the client developing their own unique skill set to bring better awareness to their bodies + surroundings.  Add in nature, and you have eliminated the noise and chatter that is distracting to anyone, bringing a grounding and enriching energy.

      Jenny cultivates and fosters resilience in children + youth, so they have the opportunity to reframe their behavior.  Using effective communication strategies and self-awareness.  Teaching youth + children to recognize the stressors while adapting with their new tools + skillsets when they need to cope. Bringing reflection and developing stress awareness.  Knowing when their bodies or minds have had enough.  What to do with their bodies.  How to restore the energy in their bodies so that we can reduce stress.  Jenny helps each client to build a connection with their family, peers, and educational platform.

      Each client, Jenny, assists in the growth and development of a mindset of growth + learning while being vulnerable from their past experiences that lead to self-awareness, to have a better acceptance of transformation and expansion.  

      In her home community, Jenny runs a Mindful + Nature Based business that works with kids to help them disconnect from the busy world around them, and reconnect with Mother Earth.  Jenny wants everyone to have access to mindfulness + SEL skills that help with emotional regulation, and is developing a library which is accessible to anyone.

      Jenny is an advocate for the youth in her community, as she is in the process of implementing a Youth Centre so that the youth have a safe haven that allows them to be diverse, relax, learn, feed their bellies + just be them.  She is also involved with the local Big Brother Big Sisters, United Way, The Well Community, + South Huron Connection which helps the most vulnerable in the community.

      When working with Jenny, she develops a space in which there is no judgment, and will introduce the tools in which you resonate the most with.  Whether it be reiki, astrology, mindfulness, or perhaps, just a session where you only want to be heard.

      Tuition Options

      $9000 for all three trainings!

      Youth Resiliency Coach course by itself is only $3000 for Radiant coaches – and $4000 for the general public.

      [Interest-free payments over 25 months]

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